libpano13 Log

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[0d7a60] by dmg

Forgot to update changelog

2009-08-18 17:33:28 Tree
[2603dc] by dmg

Tried to fix the setlocale thing

2009-08-18 17:26:49 Tree
[774867] by dmg

2009-08-14 <>

* Updated tests cases to reflect the slight change in the
boundaries of the ROI.

* adjust.c, math.c, filter.h: The inverse of shear was broken. I
have added a shearInv function that takes care of this bug.

* PTcommon.c (getROI): Improved its computation of its edges to
make it err on the outside rather than on the inside of the actual
area. I have also added code to test the inverse computations for
any particular function.

2009-08-14 18:36:07 Tree
[7588ee] by dmg

2009-08-13 <>

* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): Added support for uncropped
TIFF_m, but only when it is not circular fisheye

* tests/ (Compare_Images): Added support for
uncropped and cropped images.

* Updated tests

2009-08-14 06:14:58 Tree
[51e969] by dmg

i need actual files, not symlinks

2009-08-14 06:05:12 Tree
[b3cca6] by dmg

finished renaming files

2009-08-14 06:01:37 Tree
[f6f56d] by dmg

renaming some files part 2, has to be done in different commits

2009-08-14 06:00:23 Tree
[d8730c] by dmg

renaming some files, has to be done in different commits

2009-08-14 05:58:20 Tree
[0177cb] by tksharpless

Add Bruno's patch for Linux to CMakeLists.txt

2009-08-04 13:52:16 Tree
[ae33c7] by tksharpless

Improved version of previous mod to CMakeLists.txt

2009-08-04 12:48:11 Tree
[a29142] by tksharpless

Can define HUGIN_BASE_DIR on the CMake commandline to locate the Hugin source root (by default it must be next to the libpano source root and be called hugin).

2009-08-04 12:35:47 Tree
[b8496f] by tksharpless

Added CMakeLists.txt to build libpano13 (only) in the Hugin build environment. Works with MSVC 2008 Exp. & Hugin SDK on WinVista. Please test elsewhere. Also untested is the option of including support for the Java utilities (left out by default).

2009-08-04 04:16:17 Tree
[b3fbb2] by dmg

2009-08-01 <>

* parser.c: on discussion with Tom Modes I made sure that parser
saves and restores the locale.

2009-08-01 09:16:46 Tree
[7b960d] by brunopostle

Fix "Unsupported panorama projection" warning when opening a project with a recent projection (Yuval Levy).

2009-06-11 22:32:22 Tree
[ec42a2] by brunopostle

Update ChangeLog for 2.9.14_rc1

2009-05-01 21:10:57 Tree
[3708cd] by brunopostle

man page for PTAInterpolate

2009-05-01 21:01:33 Tree
[29afce] by brunopostle

ABI has changed since 2.9.12, bump soname (Andreas Metzler)

2009-05-01 20:36:44 Tree
[67d948] by brunopostle

Fix albers equal area conic division by zero error (Guido Kohlmeyer)

2009-04-30 22:57:16 Tree
[6dc8e7] by brunopostle

Update VERSION in man pages (Andreas Metzler)

2009-04-25 16:50:07 Tree
[9b5b81] by brunopostle


2009-03-03 22:42:49 Tree
[358e5c] by brunopostle

Apply MAX_FISHEYE_FOV only if both hfov and vfov match

2009-02-23 22:18:56 Tree
[698df6] by brunopostle

reset MAX_FISHEYE_FOV to 179 degrees (was 720)

2009-02-23 22:11:03 Tree
[2cf01a] by brunopostle

Don't do pointless chmod a+r after installing man pages

2009-02-12 21:19:32 Tree
[b03bd7] by jim0watters

add missing case statements

2009-02-10 00:47:12 Tree
[60cf90] by brunopostle

Don't include unistd.h on Windows, bug #2577715

2009-02-08 00:32:29 Tree
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