libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[15dc8a] (10.2 kB) by dmg dmg

merged default into this branch

2011-03-04 08:11:49 View
[0a526e] (10.3 kB) by dmg dmg

Removed the use of pt_int* data types, which are redundant and not consistently used

2011-03-03 06:49:07 View
[9394f9] (10.2 kB) by dmg dmg

I am in a mess with hg

2011-02-04 05:41:06 View
[6158e5] (10.3 kB) by jim0watters

Initialize TrformStr structure before use

2008-12-31 05:25:43 View
[f5f394] (10.2 kB) by jim0watters

- Added FastTransform to the data structures removed as global variable
- Added FastTransform to the dialog.
- Updated the dialogs with some of the newer interpolator. TOTO: update correct.c, morpher.c, perspective.c, and remap to use transFormEx instead of the new transform (required to use new interpolators) Requires adding inverse stacks.
- Fixed PTCorrect bug that had wrong order of operations on the image stack, Radial, then H & V shift.
- updated the default interpolator to _spline36
- On Windows changed the default location to store parameters file from app folder to folder and file name %APPDATA%\Panotools\APPNAME.prf. This should make the plugins Vista friendly. Changed the default temp file location to %TEMP%

2008-01-05 05:07:58 View
[eab809] (10.2 kB) by dmg

Completed support for metadata in less-used formats, unified readImage and maketemppath, see ChangeLogs

2006-07-30 22:00:28 View
[5ee61a] (10.1 kB) by dangelo

fixed return code

2006-05-05 05:46:48 View
[f69e23] (10.1 kB) by dangelo

added stereographic, mercator, transverse mercator and sinusoidal projection.
Transverse mercator does not work properly yet. Modified all coordinate transform
functions to return if the transformation was possible. (Not used during stitching

2006-04-20 23:01:41 View
[56d874] (10.1 kB) by dwilkins42

Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe casts.

2005-05-04 08:01:13 View
[fe29aa] (10.1 kB) by jim0watters

Added Faster transformations by Fulvio Senore and with morphing by Rik Littlefields

2004-07-15 22:38:42 View
[cd181c] (10.0 kB) by brunopostle

Fix for morph-to-fit that was causing intermittent crashes (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 21:58:42 View
[2a97a8] (9.7 kB) by brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-12-01 21:10:22 View

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