libpano13 Log

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[d3703d] (1.5 kB) by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fix some really out-of-date README text

2013-05-13 19:37:04 View
[f60e58] (1.2 kB) by dmg

2006-11-25 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre17

* tiff.c (panoTiffWrite): Fixed a bug in the allocation of the
buffer for writing to the output file.

* ptstitch.c, tools/PTmasker.c: Enabled feathering code

* PTcommon.c: removed feathering skeletons from here.

* ptfeather.c, ptfeather.h: Implemented feathering.

* Added ptfeather.c, ptfeather.h

2006-11-23 dmg <>

* TODO: updated tasks.

* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): Change slightly error message
to make it clearer.

2006-11-25 10:15:53 View
[8872d7] (1.2 kB) by dmg

Updated README

2006-10-28 21:25:19 View
[bfcfe2] (583 Bytes) by brunopostle

Added new libtool, automake, autoconf build system. Needs testing on
various platforms.

2004-11-09 09:34:09 View

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