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+When translating menu paths, please do not translate the
+name of the item factory (that is the one in brackets at the front),
+e.g. <Image>/Script-Fu/Selection should _not_ be translated to
+<Bild>/Skript-Fu/Kopieren, but to <Image>/Skript-Fu/Kopieren. If you
+get this wrong, Gimp will warn you at startup about bad translations.
+So do always test your translations and watch the console for output.
+The version of The GIMP you are holding in your hand uses GTK+-2.0.
+GTK+-2.0 requires that all strings are UTF-8 encoded. Therefore to make
+internationalisation work, po files need to be UTF-8 encoded. If your
+editor doesn't support UTF-8, you need to convert it to an encoding your
+editor can handle and convert it back to UTF-8 before commiting your
+changes back. The gnome-i18n module in GNOME CVS has some scripts that
+help with this task, but it can also easily done using iconv.