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 B<nona-svg> is a drop in replacement for nona that works with SVG vector files.
+There are some snags:
+The .pto project needs to prepared with the correct w and h (width and height
+in pixels) parameters for the input SVG files in each i-line.  You can specify
+the SVG filenames using the n parameter, or by appending the SVG filenames on
+the command-line (similar to nona).
+This tool uses regular expressions rather than an SVG parser, so expect it to
+fail in all sorts of situations.  It seems to be ok with simple lines and
+curves generated by Inkscape.
+This tool uses pano_trafo from the Hugin project to do the projection math, the
+way the connection is done makes it only likely to work on unixy systems.
+Expect to see 'ContractViolation' errors from vigra, ignore them, this is a bug
+in pano_trafo which unnecessarily tries to open image files.
+Note that only homography transformations preserve splines, i.e. this only
+works properly if the input and output projection is rectilinear.  Having said
+that, the error with other projections isn't so noticeable if your lines are
+short and/or they are converted to 'curves' in Inkscape before remapping.
 =head1 LICENSE
 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or

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