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Revision history for Panotools::Script.

    - remove Preview(), Optimise() and Stitch() methods
    - enblend mask, merge mask rather than replace
    - enblend-svg, render just masks, use enblend-mask to merge
    - nona-mask, allow full command-line parameters
    - pto2fulla align_image_stack based tca calculator
    - ptoinfo hugin project reporting tool and gui wrapper
    - erect2planet output pto project instead of rendering image
    - read and write hugin image metadata and options in comment lines
    - remove pto2tiff-gui due to conflict with hugin_stitch_project
    - add .desktop files for Linux gui integration

    - replace Image::Magick with Image::Size for sizing images
    - jpeg2qtvr fix CRLF bug on windows
    - fix cubic2erect (Peter Crowley)

    - Stitch() method, fix stupid bug introduced by trying to fix windows bugs

    - tif2svg uses autotrace to generate initail vector masks
    - enblend-svg converts to tiff and runs enblend rather than enblend-mask
    - tif2svg and enblend-svg support creating jpg proxy images
    - replaced tempfile with tempdir for windows, still broken on OS X

    - new tools: qtvr2erect, tif2svg, enblend-svg
    - trivial zenity gui wrappers: enblend-svg-gui, erect2qtvr-gui, process-masks-gui, pto2tiff-gui, qtvr2erect-gui, tif2svg-gui
    - fixes for recent hugin updates
    - pto2tiff: don't generate cropped tiff images or specify blend levels
    - portability fixes: process-masks, enblend-mask, pto2tiff, erect2qtvr

    - blend any input filetypes with enblend-mask
    - prefer svg to tiff with enblend-mask
    - add nona-mask
    - allow setting STITCHER and OPTIMISER environment
    - pass options to Stitch()
    - New Clone() and Preview() methods
    - New accessor methods: Mode(), Panorama(), Variable(), Image(), Output(), Control(), ControlMorph()
    - Only pass optimisable variables to PTOptimizer but default to autooptimiser
    - New exposure, white balance, output mode, bitdepth and camera response parameters supported by hugin/nona
    - erect2qtvr add --yaw and --outfile options

    - change order of nona parameters for BSD (Milan Knizek)

    - add erect2qtvr

    - add jpeg2qtvr

    - Add Transform() method to rotate project files
    - various bugfixes

    - rewritten in less crappy OO style (Bruno Postle)

0.00 Sat May 04 13:01:00 2002
    - various half working stuff (Bruno Postle)

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