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 bin 2008-01-11 brunopostle brunopostle [098012] Check for exiting .pto file and update just ima...
 lib 2008-01-05 brunopostle brunopostle [c8ccf9] Remove Optimise() method
 t 2008-01-03 brunopostle brunopostle [18d23f] Remove tests for deprecated Stitch() and Optimi...
 .cvsignore 2006-10-24 brunopostle brunopostle [b69cf9] Add Transform() method to rotate script files.
 Changes 2008-01-06 brunopostle brunopostle [c5f7dd] write .pto project instead of rendering image
 MANIFEST 2008-01-05 brunopostle brunopostle [3a0858] Add pto2fulla, tca calculator
 META.yml 2007-11-20 brunopostle brunopostle [5f7a3f] bump version for release
 Makefile.PL 2008-01-05 brunopostle brunopostle [3a0858] Add pto2fulla, tca calculator
 README 2008-01-05 brunopostle brunopostle [367b66] Update Changelog and TODO

Read Me

Panotools::Script - Panorama Tools scripting

A perl module for reading, writing and driving Panorama Tools and hugin script files


To install this module type the following:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install



This module requires 'autooptimiser' and 'nona' from hugin.  Some of
the scripts require 'freepv', 'enblend', 'autotrace' and ImageMagick
command-line tools.

The various *-gui tools require 'zenity' and will only work on
Linux/unix systems.


* retire Stitch() method
* preserve comment line extensions
* open/save lens profiles

Copyright and licence

This module is free software and is distributed under the
same license as Perl itself.

Copyright (C) 2002 Bruno Postle

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