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Panicsel IPMI project: ipmiutil-2.3.3 has been released

The panicsel IPMI utilities provide adminstrator tools to perform IPMI management functions. A kernel patch is also included (bmc_panic). NOTE: As of Aug2004, THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED to, and all later versions are available there.

See for rpms, ChangeLog, etc.
This is the new/renamed location for the panicsel project.

Posted by Andy Cress 2009-01-28

See for updates

There have been some downloads from this project, but the new home for this project is It was renamed, and further updates for the project are there.

For source, rpms, and ChangeLog see the ipmiutil project.

Posted by Andy Cress 2009-01-28

ipmiutil-1.6.9 has been released on 3/03/2006

The source and binaries for ipmiutil-1.6.9 are now available at

03/02/06 ARCress ver 1.6.9 ipmiutil
sensor.c - check PowerOnHours completion code (01/18/06)
ipmignu.c - changes to enable new w ipmi_cmd_raw,
use OLDLIB compile flag until this is complete.
*.c - rename ipmi_close & ipmi_cmd_raw to avoid conflicts
with new freeipmi lib symbols.
ipmiutil.spec - always copy checksel to /etc/cron.daily if ipmi works
events.c - handle more PowerUnit 0b vs. 6f event types

Posted by Andy Cress 2006-03-27

ipmiutil-1.4.9 is released

This is the latest version for the panicsel/ipmiutil projects. See for details.

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-08-24

panicsel moving to ipmiutil

The ipmiutil project is now up and running at
This project is an evolution from the panicsel IPMI project. It contains various IPMI Management Utilities, and is more appropriately named, since the kernel portion of the former panicsel project has been separated out and merged with the OpenIPMI driver.
The ipmiutil and panicsel projects currently both have the same source included, version 1.4.8.
Future versions and changes will occur to the ipmiutil project, while the panicsel project will point to ipmiutil.... read more

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-08-17

panicsel-1.4.8 is released

Changes in this version:
07/23/04 ARcress ver 1.4.7
pefconfig v1.29 use lan_ch variable to set Alert Policy Table,
which fixes a problem for TIGPT1U platforms.
bmclanpet.mib new MIB file added for PET
bmclanaol.mib renamed from bmclan.mib for alert-on-LAN
08/05/04 ARcress ver 1.4.8
panicsel.spec redirect stderr to $tmpsel from pefconfig command.
For SuSE, symlink snmpd.conf to common location.
Also added icmd & icmd.8 to rpm.
hwreset v1.9 implement special OS shutdown method for Langleys,
make sure to show error if ccode != 0
icmd v1.2 fix for mv driver type in ipmicmd.c (thanks Kevin Gao)
doc/icmd.8 new man page added
doc/UserGuide added icmd description
added Use Cases for sensor thresholds and for
pefconfig with gpg decryption of password.
doc/Makefile copy icmd.8 for make install
util/ipmimv.c handle alternate device filenames for some 2.6 kernels
showsel v1.24 add more decoding for Power events
Moving further versions to

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-08-17

panicsel 1.4.5 is released

Panicsel 1.4.5 is now released. It includes more efficient use of the /dev/ipmi0 device, and several changes for WIN32 platforms.

06/10/04 ARCress ver 1.4.5
ipmimv.c only open/close device once per application for
mv/openipmi driver, rely on each app calling ipmi_close.
*.c changes for ipmi_close, changes for WIN32
doc/mk.bat added, sample build script for WIN32
sensor v1.18 fixed sresp in GetSDR for WIN32
showsel v1.22 added ReportEvent for -w option with WIN32
v1.23 use gmtime instead of localtime for WIN32
pefconfig v1.27 added channel access params for ia64, added WIN32

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-06-10

panicsel 1.4.1 released

A new version of the panicsel package (1.4.1) has been released. Below are the changes. Some of the utilities have been successfully ported to Windows now.


02/20/04 ARCress ver 1.4.1
imbapi.c added WIN32 flags
imb_api.h added WIN32 flags
ipmicmd.c added WIN32 flags
alarms v1.2 added mBMC code, Chesnee disk LEDs, & WIN32
showsel v1.18 added WIN32 flags, added header display
sensor v1.13 changed field order, added header display
* check for sdr sz below min, added WIN32.

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-02-24

panicsel 1.4.0 released

A new panicsel 1.4.0 release has been posted to sourceforge.
Here are the changes from the previous version:
01/15/04 ARCress ver 1.4.0
ipmicmd.c added more SEvt commands
ipmicmd.h added more SEvt commands
sensor v1.12 fixed SetThreshold to set hysteresis
sensor.8 more desription on set threshold parameters
UserGuide updates sensor man page, added completion codes
README updated with current man page filenames
showsel v1.17 more sens_desc for Fans... read more

Posted by Andy Cress 2004-01-20

panicsel 1.3.8 is released

A new panicsel 1.3.8 release has been posted to sourceforge. There is only one change from the previous release:

pefconfig v1.22 fixed auth type enables for ServerConfig


Posted by Andy Cress 2003-12-10

panicsel 1.3.4 released

A new release of panicsel, version 1.3.4, has been released, with a few changes.

07/30/03 ARCress ver 1.3.4
pefconfig v1.18: add SerialOverLan configuration
mod to SetUser, added GetBmcEthDevice,
use 'arping -I' if eth1.
ipmicmd.c: added serial-over-lan commands,
added GetThresholds, fix for ipmi_cmd_raw,
changed some error messages
sensor v1.8: add -t option for thresholds,
added sample Discovery routine (unfinished)
added ipmi_getdeviceid for completeness

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-07-31

hpiutil-1.0.4 released

A new package, hpiutil, has been added to the panicsel project. This package has version 1.0.4 and is released in a source tarball only at this time.

The HPI utilities package provides system management utilities that
conform to the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface specification, and
as such are hardware-independent across platforms that have an HPI
library implementation. The HPI library on Intel platforms requires
an IPMI driver. An IPMI driver can be provided by either the Intel
IPMI driver (/dev/imb) or the OpenIPMI driver (/dev/ipmi0) in Linux
kernel versions 2.4.20 and greater.... read more

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-07-24

panicsel 1.3.3 released

Here are the changes contained in this release.

06/24/03 ARCress ver 1.3.3
fruconfig.c: added Chassis fields
fruconfig.c: added errno.h
pefconfig.c: fixed EnablePef if startup delay not supported
pefconfig.c: added errno.h
wdt.c: progver 1.2 includes EMSGSIZE fix
ipmimv.c: ignore EMSGSIZE errno for get_wdt command
showsel.c: fix -w if log gets cleared
ipmicmd.c: always add an extra byte to _mv sresp for cc

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-06-24

panicsel 1.3.0 adds automake

This release includes changes to conform the panicsel utilitiy source to autoconf/automake portability standards. Panicsel 1.3.0 also includes the following changes:
* fruconfig: more bounds checking,
* showsel: added savid for more efficient read loop if -w,
* imb_api.h: morphed comments for some crazy compilers,
* imbapi.c: morphed comments for some crazy compilers,
* kern/bmcpanic-2.5.62.patch: new, from guomin

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-03-27

panicsel 1.2.9 adds 2 utilities

Panicsel 1.2.9 is now released with 2 new utilities:
alarms - to show and set Telco alarms
wdt - to show and set the watchdog timer via IPMI
Both of these functions are handled better by Intel Server Management software, but this gives a basic view of how these calls are used if ISM is not available.
The kernel patch has been significantly cleaned up and the 2.4.20 patch has been added.
For more details, and other changes, see

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-02-27

panicsel 1.2.8 supports OpenIPMI

The panicsel version 1.2.8 release now supports the OpenIPMI driver. The kernel patch for 2.5.44 leverages the OpenIPMI driver patch, and the utilities now also support the /dev/ipmi0 interface.

Posted by Andy Cress 2003-02-04