Panic Button 2.4 released, adds i18n support

Panic Button places an icon in the Windows system tray. If the user clicks or double-clicks on this icon, a screen shot is taken and e-mailed to a configurable e-mail address. A description of the problem encountered can be included. This makes it easy for users to provide support staff with accurate problem descriptions, and the support staff can read the text of any error messages that were displayed on-screen.

The primary addition in this release is internationalisation support. The download includes localisations for German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Portugese and a not-quite-complete Spanish, as well as the orginal English.

Panic Button can be installed in one of several ways. Network administrators can put it on a network share, then add an appropriate command to users' logon scripts. By use of command-line parameters, they can allow or disallow exiting and/or configuring Panic Button.

A standard Windows installer is also available. This will install Panic Button and set it up to run at logon. If the installer is used, the user will be able to change the configuration or exit Panic Button simply by right-clicking on the system tray icon.

Finally, a source package is also available, or the latest source can be acquired from CVS.

Full details from the web site:

Posted by Russell Phillips 2006-12-12

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