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Note: the software part of this project is on HOLD until various religious/secular issues are worked out by those "in charge". For now, check out the World Game, a paper version of these concepts, playable on a cork board Feudalism on the Internet bringing you down?? We already anticipated this repeat of history, so get down and read more here and jump back into the revolution that everyone forgot.

Welcome to the Pangaia Project, making [Web.∞].

We're here quietly developing the world's next great internet application...

...ultimately to create a beautiful world. Yep, we got dem cod3z!

If you are a:

...go to your respective stations by clicking the links above.

Otherwise... coders and hax0rs, the world's been partying at the largesse called "America", but we've answers to sane copyright, patents and make a viable OpenSourceCulture by marrying it with art and [Hacker_lofts] --no gimmicky unicorns pooping fairy dust here. Herein, you'll find physics that'll blow past the orthodoxy. We'll have have fiber-to-the-Net, jet-powered bikes, able to be independent of the grid and be by far the coolest kids in town with more groove than a vinyl record shop and more CompSci than Harvard when it's trying to be better than MIT. For the hippies that will be interested in our shit, I'll be setting up [Permaculture] clinics. For the rest, this project represents their redemption and you won't have to worry about the homeless people looking around.

This project will form a decentralized, social network of asynchronous conversations to organize knowledge and re-create the Internet while, simultaneously, facilitating the creation of physical Hackerlabs/[Makerspaces] paired with a new [Currency_system] for the health and well-being of the Creative Class.

If your a computer scientist, the Pangaia project uses a new data structure called a [Fractal_graph] to scale indefinitely upwards, creating both a reputation network (or meritocracy) and a unified data model (UDM) holding all data at every level of abstraction. We'll be straddling the shoulders of Donald Knuth and looking past infinity. As such, this throws out the old ideas of the "Operating System" to merge the Application with la machine. Since it incorporates FairCreditAssignment, this project, with any luck from the President, will also fix the broken system of patents for "protecting" [Intellectual_property] and create, instead, a data ecosystem to hold the world's knowledge -- ever heard of the GlassBeadGame? You should check it out...


It will require re-vamping the structure of the Internet, but that's okay because it was starting to need it. [DNS] is not equipped for ubiquitous, mobile networking and was made in the stone age where computers took up machine rooms and belonged to the privileged classes. Not only that, but we'll need a 3-dimensional visualization model to handle the Presentation Layer of our UDM. (Awesome.) Because, as all other efforts to make decentralized communities have demonstrated, you can't scale a community with the current ~2.3 dimensions of HTML and there's no algorithm to solve the problem You've got to add another dimension to separate the orthogonal issues like [User-ranking] and item-ranking. Leap-frogging over RDF, we'll be using the power of the visual cortex to make relationships instead. Killer!!!

Fapper, we got this all figured out, where have you been? isn't even close to the codes we've got.

Pangaia forms a new kind of kernel to unify the O.S. with the Application. Grok it.

Some formulae for your imagination. Think:

What's that "spell"? It doesn't spell anything but awesome.

Unless you're the President, see the diagram for how this software will form the infrastructure to fuel [Hackerspaces]. Isn't that what we're all looking for?

Yes, this is a [Free] and Open Source project and there's a [Manifesto] ....but maybe you're not ready to claim your freedom? Better check just how much dank we're ready to ignite.

Donate a "penny for the guy": Click >Donate.

...So transparent as to be invisible.
See also: credits.

All content on these wiki pages is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.


WikiPangaia: (name?)
WikiPangaia: Artist_blurb
WikiPangaia: Beautiful_ecosystem_of_knowledge
WikiPangaia: Biggest_minds
WikiPangaia: Copyright
WikiPangaia: Currency_system
WikiPangaia: Cutting-edge_physics
WikiPangaia: DNS
WikiPangaia: Evil
WikiPangaia: Executive_summary
WikiPangaia: Fractal_graph
WikiPangaia: Free
WikiPangaia: Hacker_lofts
WikiPangaia: Hackerspaces
WikiPangaia: HowToCode
WikiPangaia: Identity
WikiPangaia: Intellectual_property
WikiPangaia: Internal_combustion_engine
WikiPangaia: Investor_blurb
WikiPangaia: Larger_desires_of_society
WikiPangaia: Macrocosm
WikiPangaia: Makerspaces
WikiPangaia: Manifesto
WikiPangaia: Media_solicitation
WikiPangaia: New_economic_system
WikiPangaia: OSI_network_stack
WikiPangaia: OneTruePath
WikiPangaia: Open_Currency_Network
WikiPangaia: Open_invitation_to_the_President
WikiPangaia: Peer-to-peer
WikiPangaia: Per-item_voting
WikiPangaia: Permaculture
WikiPangaia: Philosopher_blurb
WikiPangaia: Politician_blurb
WikiPangaia: Provably_optimal
WikiPangaia: Quietly
WikiPangaia: Remediation
WikiPangaia: Right_tools_and_incentives
WikiPangaia: Satyagraha
WikiPangaia: Screenshot
WikiPangaia: Sucking_the_cock_of_the_anti-Christ
WikiPangaia: Theology
WikiPangaia: Tree_of_Life
WikiPangaia: Trust
WikiPangaia: User-ranking
WikiPangaia: Voting_model
WikiPangaia: Web_3D


  • Xer0Dynamite

    Xer0Dynamite - 2014-02-01

    To integrate (in response to Chris Watkins:)

    "but I still don't have an idea of what it is. You need a description, and a manifesto. What, specifically, can I do with this? What is it like? (Facebook but more open? Wave but more usable? Email but more.. something?N but more X?) How about screenshots or mockups?
    I'm interested in the various efforts at doing something Facebook-like - Diaspora and others. How is yours different?"

    Okay, I think the current revisions will address some of the issues. [[User:Average64|Average64]] 03:43, 12 February 2011 (UTC)


    With to do a revamping of the home page with something along the lines of :

    • If you are a business person, start HERE.
    • Library Science person, HERE
    • Philosopher, HERE (GlassBeadGame)
    • hacker or coder, HERE


    Get this. This shit was made after passing through the [[singularity]] that is YHVH. Yes, the creator in the Bible. I mostly passed through intact, but there are a few date/time anomalies. Don't bother to [[identity|figure it out]], you're mind will be blown. YHVH is no longer spelled the same way any more. Apparently, that's what happens when a God screws up. The vowels will remain, but the consonants will change. Grok that. If you're Harvard Divinity School, you better call me up to fix your asses. Don't try it yourself, I'm still a little fucked up. Apologies to all the women who've been getting yelled at within the boundless space of All That Is.

  • Xer0Dynamite

    Xer0Dynamite - 2014-10-18

    For some lame-ass reason, sourceforge removed the mediawiki software and moved to an inhouse wiki. The conversion removed some material....


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