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PAlib 060917 : Biggest update ever ^^

New Stuff

[Tiles] New infinite tile system. Both PAlib and PAGfx have been updated to achieve this. PAGfx now has an InfiniteMap command to convert backgrounds with more than 1008 tiles... Check out the Backgrounds/InfiniteTiles example to see how it works. Example used has 1790 tiles...

[Gif] Added new gif animation commands : PA_GifSetStartFrame(StartFrame), PA_GifSetEndFrame(EndFrame) and PA_GifGetFrame(). Also moved the examples to a separate Gif example folder. GifAnim2 uses these new commands :)... read more

Posted by Mollusk 2006-09-17

PAlib 060905

New Stuff

[Compilation] No longer requires install.bat :)

[VBL] Added a custom function code in the VBL : PA_VBLFunctionInit(your function) will execute, each and every frame, a given function... This can be used to make counters or have critical codes run at full speed when you're low on CPU time. Be aware that too CPU-expensive functions might slow down your program or hang the DS if run from the VBL !!! PA_VBLFunctionReset() can be used to stop the custom function. An example was added (Other/VBLFunction)... read more

Posted by Mollusk 2006-09-05

new version of PAlib

the new version of PAlib support the new devkitpro

Posted by delfare 2006-06-18

PAlib 0.70a

I guess you could say this is a big milestone, which is why I hadn't updated in a few days :p You'll find the beta of my new sprite converter, for DS, the beta of my new file system, for DS, and I got the extended palettes for background to work ! I really recommend updating :p

PAlib 0.70a :

[Feature] Here comes the first version of PASpriteConverter !!! Beware, it needs the .Net FrameWork to work...
What so great about it ? Nothing much yet, but great things to come...
How does it work ? Check out the PASpriteConverter example, it's really simple.
Why do I think it's better to use it rather than gfx2gba ?
- Because it handles all image formats (jpeg, bmp, png, etc...), and you don't necessarily need to convert your sprite to a 256 paletted sprite... Though if you have too many colors, it'll fail...
- You can easily set which color you want as background (Black, White, Green, or Fuschia)
- It manages multiple palettes (not like gfx2gba...)... read more

Posted by Mollusk 2005-11-18

PAlib 0.64a

PAlib 0.64a :

- The documentation is back !!
- Fixed the compilation error some seemed to had (well, should be fixed, I hope...)
- Faster gif decompression
- Support for animated gifs on 16bit backgrounds
- Updated the example makefiles, and added the logos for multiboot and wifime
- Added PA_LoadGBFSImage, for easy loading of Gif, Jpeg, and Bmp from GBFS
- Added support for exporting Bmp's into buffers
- Fixed the problem with PA_SetSpriteAnim not working on sprite initialized with PA_CreateSpriteFromGfx... (untested, but should work)
- Switched the stylus code to the new libnds one... hope it's better for you !

Posted by Mollusk 2005-10-28

PAlib 0.62a

PAlib 0.62a :

- Added a search for *.extension in PA GBFS system
- Changed the WaitForVBL again, it's even better now, and speeds up the demos on emulator
- Changed all the convert.bat files (gfx2gba...) to have the -align command in them, should fix some sprite problems
- Added 16 bit sprites ! With the example to go with it... Only thing : I discovered that 16 bit sprites need to be 128 pixels large... this means that any sprite size takes up a lot more memory than it takes in 256 or 16 color modes... example : an 8x8 pixel will take as much memory as a 128x8 one ! so 16 times more...
- Adding 16 bit sprites made me change a line or 2 in the sprite gfx system, apparently it works perfectly, but if you get anything weird, could be my fault... (half-sprites, or double-sprites)

Posted by Mollusk 2005-10-17

PAlib 0.61a

- Changed the makefile again, should work better (thanks to arog :))
- Added functions to play raw sound directly from GBFS, and the example to go with it :p

Posted by Mollusk 2005-10-14

PAlib 0.60c

Quick update to fix the modfiles and add compatibilit to linux users

Posted by Mollusk 2005-10-11

new version

PAlib 0.60b
3d fixed

Posted by delfare 2005-10-08

PAlib is added

the lib PAlib is added in sourceforge

Posted by delfare 2005-09-21