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Pandora FMS 6.0 SP3 is out!

Image of Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS 6.0 SP3 is out!

Again we’ve been hard at work to make Pandora FMS work as best we can for you and we’re very proud to present Pandora FMS 6.0 SP3. Although SP2 came out only a few months ago, we felt it was still a little rough around the edges, and we haven’t rested until we felt comfortable with how it would look and perform in this new version. We are now sure that some of the most relevant trouble spots will be fixed and working correctly, and we highly recommend you update and install this new Service Pack.... read more

Posted by Axel 2016-06-28 Labels: release service pack 6.0

Pandora v6.0 SP2 Windows Agent has been fixed

Pandora FMS community

6.0 SP2 Windows Agent has been fixed.

Download it in the SP2 Windows folder.

Thanks to the report of @no_sasaki, we have detected an anomaly in the Pandora's Windows v6.0 SP2 Agent installer that prevented some checks to run properly.... read more

Posted by Axel 2016-05-13 Labels: fix windows pandora agent 6.0 SP2 community bug

Pandora FMS 6.0 SP2 released

Image of Pandora FMS

Start monitoring in less than one minute!

Launching Pandora FMS in less than a minute is now possible with the help of Docker! Just login to your shell and type:

curl -sSL  | sh

WARNING: This requires the Docker Engine installed and running in your system. Check out the installation instructions.... read more

Posted by Axel 2016-04-19 Labels: new release service pack

Pandora FMS 5.1 SP4 released

We are introducing the last Service Pack for the 5.1 version of Pandora FMS. In adds more stability, as well as new features, specially to the API and CLI.

To see the full notes, check it out in our latest post of our blog.

Posted by Axel 2016-01-28 Labels: new release service pack

Pandora FMS 6.0 SP1 released

The 6.0 version of Pandora FMS has received a new Service Pack that include several bug fixes as well as minor features and changes since the last version.

You can upgrade your Pandora FMS console from the Update Manager, and for the agents and servers you can download the packages here.

The release notes and upgrade procedures can be found in our redesigned blog.

Posted by Axel 2016-01-28 Labels: new release service pack

Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 released

After a couple of months since the last update of Pandora FMS, we have been working so hard to introduce you the new Service Pack 2 of the 5.1 version of Pandora FMS, with some new features and many bugs fixed.

The SP2 is ready to be applied in the update system "Update Manager" of the Pandora FMS console, where it will be automatically updated. Server and agent updates should me done manually.

You can find more info about this version in the next document or in our blog:... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2015-02-24

Pandora FMS 5.1 SP1 Released !!

We are very pleased to announce the new Service Pack 1 for version 5.1 of Pandora FMS, with many new features and numerous bug fixes compared to the last release that we launched last June. You can find out everything below:

  • Improved planning of scheduled stops, and their exclusion in all reports of SLA. Now, the reports show those periods that have been excluded due to a scheduled stop. The system administrator can decide if it's possible to set scheduled stops after the event or not. You can download the scheduled tasks on a CSV.... read more
Posted by Sancho Lerena 2014-10-31 Labels: pandora release published released monitoring

Introducing Pandora FMS 5.1

We are proud to introduce Pandora FMS 5.1. This brand new version takes a step forward in monitoring and arrives with many improvements that will make your daily life much easier. Pandora FMS 5.1 is a completely improved version that lets you have a more efficient, interactive and intuitive experience when monitoring your systems. It has the following new features:

Satellite Server
----------------... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2014-07-04 Labels: release pandora fms pandora new version monitoring network server management server performance performance

5.1 ready to be tested: Beta1 available

Pandora FMS 5.1 BETA1 is here ready to be tested. We hope that this version is a good approach to the stable version that will be finished and released in next weeks.

You can know news here:

Download it here:

Do you want to be a betatester of this version including the new Enterprise features? It’s really simple. Contact with us and we will tell you how.... read more

Posted by Zarzuelo 2014-06-09 Labels: Beta Release

5.1 is coming

Reviewing our Roadmap, we can see that version 5.1 is so close. May 2014 is the selected date for the release.

The new feature's list is available. This is a summary:

Official support on Windows.
IPAM (IP Address management)
Satellite Server
Network L2 topology detection (via SNMP)
Improved Enterprise network map
Cascade protection on module dependency
New extension for easy VM ware Plugin configuration
Combined graph as item in Visual Console
QR code generator for sharing public visual console links
Support on appliance for PerconaDB, replacing MySQL
Netflow support integrated by default in the appliance CD
Improvements on alert recovery
New radial networkmap topology view
SLA Report improvements
Dynamic bindings for SNMP traps
Global macros in agents (requested via Uservoice)... read more

Posted by Zarzuelo 2014-03-28 Labels: 5.1

Pandora FMS 5.0 SP2 released

SP2 for 5.0 series is a minor release for bug fixes, it includes several fixes in console and some fixes for server:

Console issues

Fixed string simple values in visual console for bug #463.
Fixed WMI components form fails due to bad javascript code for bug #462.
Improvement of the usability on the mobile console for tablet devices.
Added criticity subquery to events grouped query to fix bad criticity bug #406.
Disable controls from the google maps in GIS to fix arrows controls.
Fix styles in group view for groups without states where letters were not visible, Bug #432.
API: fixed the get events filtered by group.
Mobile: Fixed a bug loading events filtering by group when a group has no events.
Several fixes in mobile network map.
Fixed a problem withmodule graph filter regarding to event and period filter.
API: Fixed the get events when not found theagent, before it returned the systems events, now it returns an empty list.
Fixed sql error in tag tab in Treeview and other minor fixes.
Corrected agent counting by module group.
Fixed that some multibyte charactersare recognized as invalid characters on module creation.
Insert Data extension, now uses UTF-8 for output XML encoding.... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2013-12-27 Labels: 5.0

For 4.1 users: Pandora FMS 4.1.1 is out

For everyone that still using 4.1, a new minor version with several bugfixes is here: Pandora FMS 4.1.1


  • Several fixes on API.
  • Event filter fixed, on nonexistent agent.
  • Fixed SNMP v3 credential importing module from template.
  • Updated some icons and zoom fixes in Google Maps on GIS.
  • Some fixes on network server.
  • Fixed problem in Export Server with spaces and not basic ASCII characters.
  • Fixed some issues with policies and collections.
  • Fixed subgroups issue in ACLs on tree view.
  • Added description field on massive module editions.
  • Update manager fixes.... read more
Posted by Zarzuelo 2013-12-17 Labels: release

New VMWare image of Pandora FMS 5

A VMWare image with Pandora FMS 5 pre-installed is now available at our Sourceforge project page.

This applicance is based on our CentOS appliance CD (More info in the documentation at

And it is valid for ESX/ESXi, workstation, virtualdisk, parallels, etc.

You can download it directly from

Posted by Zarzuelo 2013-11-05 Labels: VMWare Appliance CD

Pandora FMS 5.0 released !

We are proud to announce that we have just released Pandora FMS 5.0, a greatly improved version that offers a more intuitive, interactive and efficient user experience when monitoring your systems.

There are hundreds of new features, some of them complex, like Netflow support or the new log collection feature. Others like the improved Business Process Monitoring are upgrades of previous features. Try the new interface, with it's powerful and interative HTML5 graphs, our new reports templates, the new event system or the new Hyper-V, Informix or XEN Plugins.... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2013-10-17 Labels: pandora monitoring release

Pandora FMS 4.1 released !

Pandora FMS 4.1 released!

Four months after the latest stable version was released and two release candidate versions, we are We are happy to announce that the new Pandora FMS 4.1 is already available. This new version aims to be a much more reliable and long term stable version, which is why it comes with thousands of lines of code changed, more than 100 contributions since the 4.0.3 and over 80 small bugs fixed. ... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2013-07-08 Labels: pandora fms release pandora

Sourceforge project upgrade.

We've upgraded our Sourceforge project on 1th May 2013.

This imply new SVN code repository URL, and new tracker features and look&feel. I hope this will be an improvement !

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2013-05-01

Pandora FMS 4.0.3 is out !

A new release of Pandora FMS is coming to make the beginning of this new year nicer. This new 4.0.3 version is a minor update with a few new interesting features and a lot of bugs fixed to make this version more reliable.

One of the new features is command snapshot. It allows you to get a static image of any command output of your system. With this new feature, for example, you can find out why the CPU usage of your server is high, by comparing it with the "top" command output. ... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2013-01-19

Pandora FMS 4.0.2 released !

Pandora FMS 4.0.2 released!

A new version of Pandora FMS is ready! This new 4.0.2 version is a minor update, which means several new features were added but the big effort was to fix bugs and improve existing features.

Some of the new features are: a gateway for SSH and Telnet, a new update system for the console, a new Tree View and new ready-to-use plugins for IPMI, DNS and UPD among others. Also, +250 bugs were fixed and several improvements were made, like an improved Visual Console editor, improved local and remote inventory including new modules and bug fixes, improved interfaces for Massive Operations, Policies and Synthetic Modules, performance enhancements for server plugins and much more.... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2012-06-26

Translators needed for Pandora FMS

We need help to finisish translation on several languages for Pandora FMS 4.0 version.

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2011-09-19

Pandora FMS 4.0 RC1 released !

This is our first testing release for 4.0 version.

All testers and people interested in working with the latest version are welcomed. Please submit bugs and suggestions in our tracker.

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2011-08-19

Pandora FMS 3.2 released !

Pandora FMS 3.2 is finally out! The Pandora FMS Project is pleased to announce the latest release of Pandora FMS two release candidates and months of testing. In 3.2 version you'll find more a lot of new features and bug fixes since last release, six months ago.

Fore more details browser on our website at

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2010-12-29

Pandora FMS 3.1.1 released

Pandora FMS 3.1.1

This is "maintance release" for 3.1 version. This has a lot of fixes from the stable 3.1 version published six months ago. It contains a few features, but is mostly a bugfix release. Also a few security issues has been patched.

RPM, DEB and tarball packages has been released. For more information about how to upgrade from 3.1 to 3.1.1, see our online documentation at:... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2010-11-12

Pandora FMS 3.2 need translators !

Please contribute with your native language in our web translation system for Pandora FMS 3.2 version. Translate it's easy and quick using the excellent Launchpad system:

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2010-08-31

New RHEL/CentOS RPM for Pandora FMS 3.1

hanks to the help of our Japanese contributors Kikuchi and Junichi, we have been created a specific packages for RHEL plattforms, which differs a lot from the SUSE packages, not only on the RPM format, also on dependencies, paths, usernames, permissions, etc.

A new download section called "RPM Redhat" has been added to our download page on Sourceforge, with packages for Unix agent (perl), Server and Console.... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2010-07-02

Pandora FMS v3.1 RC1 has been released.

This is a major upgrade from 3.0 version and includes a lot of new features. This version is a Release-Candidate, similar to a beta version, but with months of testing done.

This includes a vmWare/VirtualBox image, RPM packages, DEB packages and of course, source tarballs and the Windows Agent Installer. We've also updated our user guide with a stunning 420 page manual in PDF.

More information about this release at our website at ... read more

Posted by Sancho Lerena 2010-05-24

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