Hi guys!

I just commited a new feature in the trunk/ (I hope this is the place.. if now I'll have to do go back a version):

A new data type to show the log of applications,
servers and anything than can write information in a format like log4j
or log4net.

This patch modifies the dataserver so it can now read xml files in this format:

<agent_data agent_name='log4xTEST' version='1.0' timestamp='2009-11-02 14:44:13'
           interval='300' os='RedHat Linux' os_version='5'>

               <message>mensaje de prueba</message>

               <stacktrace>test stacktrace</stacktrace>

The XML files need the have the fields SEVERITY, MESSAGE and
STACKTRACE. These are the fields that are often used when logging with
log4j. Just in case, the severity field can have the following values:
TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL. The "message" field is just
the text in the log message, and it gets printed verbatim in the
console. The "stacktrace" is reference information to show where the
error ocurred (it's often the stack trace of where in the code the
error happend).

As the severity value is converted to a numeric value (trace=10,
debug=20, info=30, warn=40, error=50, fatal=60), you can also set
alerts to do actions if you get some log: for example, here we send
emails when we receive "fatal" messages (the mail is sent to the
people in charge of the application that logged the message). Also
there are new macros to show in the template: _severity_, _message_
and _stacktrace_.

Missing stuff:
- Create a new log4x module from the console
- Purge all data using script or console
- Module interval (next contact in console) must exclude log4x monitor because the log4x monitors doesnt have intervals.
- Graphics!!!

Please look for the log4x stuff in the pandoradb.sql file and try it.
Feedback is appreciated as always!

Eric Ross