and if you add a key `nombre` for table tagente_modulo

select distinct(nombre)
from tagente_modulo
where nombre <> "delete_pending" and id_agente in
        select id_agente
        from tagente where id_grupo IN (
                select id_grupo
                from tusuario_perfil
                where id_usuario = "admin"
                and id_perfil IN (
                        select id_perfil
                        from tperfil where agent_view = 1
        (1 = (
                 SELECT is_admin FROM tusuario WHERE id_user = "admin"
        OR 0 IN (
                select id_grupo
                from tusuario_perfil
                where id_usuario = "admin"
                and id_perfil IN (
                        select id_perfil
                        from tperfil where agent_view = 1

# Query_time: 1.178337  Lock_time: 0.000223 Rows_sent: 1080  Rows_examined: 9065

this will change to:

# Query_time: 0.640100  Lock_time: 0.000103 Rows_sent: 1080  Rows_examined: 9065

2011/4/8 Sancho Lerena <sancho.lerena@artica.es>
El 08/04/11 11:13, Manuel Arostegui Ramirez escribió:

Thats a great discovery :)), go ahead with the commit !

> Even though it's not taking any important time, I really didn't like the
> fact of going thru almost half a milling rows everytime it runs, which is
> almost every second.
> There was never a condition to satisfy the "where" clause and therefore a
> cross join over 4 tables was being done over 500k rows, which is totally
> useless. To solve this I have included an index on tagente_modulo:
> KEY `modulo` (`id_modulo`)
> With this index the "problem" is solved:
> The query time got decreased yet it wasn't a big deal. Rows examined
> chilled :-)
> The CPU reduction in the machine is quite impressive (look attached graph)
> As well as the number of rows read everytime (look attached graph)
> If you guys agree, I can commit the schema change to the SVN.

Un saludo,

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       Director Técnico
       c/ Preciados 44. 28013 Madrid
       Tel. +34-91-559-7222
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