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libpam-pgsql 0.7 released

Hello everyone.

My name is William Grzybowski, I'm the new developer for pam-pgsql, trying to put a new life into this project.
I'm glad to announce the version 0.7 .
It's a release with very few new features but a quite good code clean-up/rework.

I would recommend you all test it before use in production as I could not find much people to test it.

Features requests and bug reports are very wellcome.... read more

Posted by William Grzybowski 2009-04-24

libpam-pgsql 0.6.4

Critical vulnerability fixed. Please upgrade.

Posted by Primoz 2008-05-24

libpam-pgsql 0.6.2

Bugfix release

Memory leak fixed. Bug in vintage configuration file parsing rutine fixed.

Please upgrade.

Posted by Primoz 2006-05-08

Welcome to New Developer

We have a new developer/package manager for libpam-pgsql. Give a warm welcome to primozb!

primozb will be handling everything debian related, while I retain 'upstream source' status.

Personally, I'd like to thank primozb for stepping up to the plate and giving libpam-pgsql much needed management. Due to illnesses, I've been unable to do anything with this project, and for that I apologize to all.

primozb, do your thing! :-)... read more

Posted by Deryl R. Doucette 2005-06-01

libpam-pgsql 0.6 released

Please use with caution. Any feedback on new changes in welcome.

It now supports proper PAM stacking, different types of password encoding, has better configurability and a few security patches ;)

Posted by Primoz 2005-06-01

For now, the entire list of bugs is maintained at

Until I can figure out a way to A) have bugs submitted to Debian GNU/Linux's bug reporting system copied here, or B) posts here to be sent there, I'm leaving the bug tracking for libpam-pgsql at the above URL.

It makes much more sense to me to have one central bug tracking system, and since it's used mainly within the distribution it makes sense for their system to do the tracking.... read more

Posted by Deryl R. Doucette 2002-09-11

Complete project archives posted!

Well, all the core files at my disposal for pam-pgsql/libpam-pgsql are now completely on SourceForge! You now have everything I have, except for the interdiff files for Debian GNU/Linux users to recreate a valid CVS tree of their own from a combined use of cvs-buildpackage and regular CVS commands. Stay tuned for those, the CVS repository I have here and an instruction file for Debian GNU/Linux users on how to make use of the interdiff files.... read more

Posted by Deryl R. Doucette 2002-09-11

Upstream pam-pgsql started!

Evening folks! Just to let you know pam-pgsql will be using SourceForge for the upstream site as of now.

The project is also directly part of the Debian GNU/Linux Project, and can be found at the URL.
Maintaining a seperate site was getting to be a little much for me. So, I've decided that,between the package maintenance needs for Debian GNU/Linux, my own internal CVS tree, and the need to make the project freely available to the general non debian-centric GPL crowd, SourceForge was the best choice. Since my days dealing with Simon "Horms" Hormans of VA Linux fame, Sourceforge has been central to both my Linux career and personal endeavors.... read more

Posted by Deryl R. Doucette 2002-09-11

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