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PalOOCa 5.2 is released:

-Usability improvements
-Bug fixes

The plugin is recommended in combination with the Colibri Open BI Appliance: see

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2014-10-06

PalOOCa 5.1 is released:

-New support for Jedox 5.1 OLAP servers.
-Enhanced Options
-Bug fixes

The plugin is recommended in combination with the Colibri Open BI Appliance: see

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2014-05-08

PalOOCa 5.0 Release

A great step forward after a long period of silence.

This new version is heavily optimised for navigating large views containing many thousand filled cells. Additionally many bugs have been fixed.

It is designed for interaction with palo server 5.x but is backwards compatible to palo 3.2.

It also supports other OLAP servers via XMLA protocol, such as Mondrian and others.

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2013-07-09

PalOOCa 1.1.0 Release

The next important PalOOCa version is now ready to be downloaded.

It includes several usability enhancements and fixes. Some function names were displayed incorrectly and have been corrected now.

A new menu item can be found in the Palo menu, allowing to "snapshot" the current document. This will remove any formulas and/or disable all control element so that the document can be used offline without a connection to the Palo server.... read more

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2008-10-17

PalOOCa 1.0.0 Release

It's done! We present the 1.0.0 of PalOOCa.

This release includes some small changes and an extended installation guide.

Special thanks to all of our supporters!

Posted by Martin Böhringer 2008-07-03

PalOOCa 0.9.1 Release

After some more feedback from users a few bugs have been identified and fixed. Thanks for your support!

The changelog in detail:
- Added an Edit-button to the connection manager (instead of the hint explaining the double click)
- Fixed spelling of "Modeler"
- Fixed deletion of dimensions not immediately updating the tree
- Fixed deletion of consolidations not correctly updating the former parent element

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2008-05-14

PalOOCa 0.9.0 Release

This new release mainly concentrates on the modeler but also fixes some other bugs reported by users (thanks to all who help improve this project!). The change log reads as follows:

- Added consolidation handling
- Added dimension selection to the element view
- Changed the connection combo box to automatically trigger the connection
- Fixed cube creation

- Fixed write-back of cells with zero-value
- Fixed crashes on Gnome... read more

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2008-04-15

PalOOCa: Version 0.8.0 Release

PalOOCa is a Java based OpenOffice OLAP Add-On intended to be used with OpenOffice Calc. It is supposed to be the equivalent to the Palo Add-in for MS Excel (

It took a while longer before I was able to test this release but finally it is done.
Version 0.8.0 includes a first version of the promised modeller aswell as the ability to localize most of the dialogs. I also localized it into German to give an example how it is done.

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2008-02-28

PalOOCa 0.4.0 Release

Another update towards Excel compatibility: matrix functions and import functions have been introduced. The complete change log is as follows:

- Added matrix functions:
- Added import functions:
- Added GUI to control the import
- Added missing/incomplete descriptions... read more

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2007-11-17

PalOOCa 0.3.0 Release

We are making large steps towards a 1.0 Release. There are still several things to do (like data import and the modeler) but the new 0.3.0 Beta can already serve analytical purpose.
The main new feature introduced in this version is the "Create View". It allows to fill a spreadsheet from a constellation of dimensions and their elements. You can then modify the data or just alter the view (by expanding and collapsing elements or by completely redesigning it with the "Edit View" dialog). The design is completely based on the Format settings so you can change them easily.... read more

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2007-10-09

PalOOCa 0.2.0 Release

PalOOCa 0.2.0 is now available. It includes write-back support as well as GUI related features like the "Insert Element" and "Insert Function" wizard. Also several new functions were added to enhance the compatibility with the Palo Excel addin.
Please test this version and report back any bugs you may find.

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2007-09-28

PalOOCa 0.1.5 Release

Version 0.1.5 is a huge step from the previous Alpha3. The code got restructured and is now split in several classes. Also the connection manager was (nearly) completely rewritten and now includes an user interface to manage profiles and connect/disconnect the associated connections. This also extends compatibility with the Palo Excel plugin, as they now use a common connection string.
Several addin functions got a rework too, to show a more standardized behavior. For example it does no longer show exception messages.
There is still much to do, but a read-only version with most of the required (UI) functions will be available soon.

Posted by Andreas Schneider 2007-09-11

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