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Project integrated into Palo BI Suite

This site will no longer be updated

Posted by Andreas Fröhlich 2009-05-13

Palo ETL-Server 1.3

Palo ETL-Server 1.3 has been released on 17.12.2008

Posted by Andreas Fröhlich 2009-04-03

Palo ETL-Server 1.2 released

Palo ETL-Server 1.2 released

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-10-03

Palo ETL-Server 1.1 released

Palo ETL-Server 1.1 released

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-07-08

Palo ETL-Server 1.0 released

for details and more documentation please see

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-04-25

etlserver-0.9.8 released

Bug fixes and some more features. Docu will appear soon in Release 1.0

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-04-09

etlserver-0.9.7 released

for documentation please see the 0.9.6 release

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-03-19

etlserver-0.9.6 released

new server api. see doku
some enhancements

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-02-29

etlserver-0.9.5 released

see changelog

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-02-12

etlserver-0.9.4 released

etlcore was merged into the etlserver.
It contains a server part and a client part.
Older releases in the etlcore-package are no longer available.

Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-01-24

etlcore 0.9.3 released


Posted by Christian Schwarzinger 2008-01-15

ETLServer 0.2 released

This is the first alpha release of ETLServer.

ETLServer is a SOAP enabled web application which uses ETLCore in the background.

Posted by gweis 2008-01-03

etlcore 0.9.1 released

first beta release of etlcore available

Posted by gweis 2007-12-22

etlcore 0.9.0 released

The second alpha of etlcore is now available.

Posted by gweis 2007-12-13

Importer renamed to etlcore

The package Importer is renamed to etlcore to have a clearer name for it.

Posted by gweis 2007-12-13

Importer 0.3-alpha released.

This is the first alpha release of the PALO ETL-Server.

Posted by gweis 2007-12-04