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Android port available

The Palm version is officially dead, but Patience Revisited lives on in other platforms! Steve Moseley has ported this to Android; check it out at

There is also a Windows Mobile version available, see previous news items for details.

Posted by Paul Close 2010-05-03

Windows Mobile version available

If some of you (like me!) have moved over to the Windows Mobile / WinCE or Smartphone platform, Hugh Satow has ported Patience Revisited to Windows Mobile.

This was an independent effort on Hugh's part, but I thought it was worth mentioning here since I am not actively developing for Palm OS these days.

Check it out at

Posted by Paul Close 2006-09-02

Patience Revisited 5.1 released!

Patience Revisited 5.1 has been released! See the home page ( for details.

Posted by Paul Close 2006-03-25

Patience Revisited 5.0 released!

I have released version 5.0 of Patience Revisited. It supports PalmOS 5 and a variety of new and old PalmOS devices.

Posted by Paul Close 2005-01-11