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PalmOrb v1.0 Released

PalmOrb enables the use of your PalmOS device as an LCD status display for your computer. You can display system stats (such as CPU load graphs, CPU temperatures, free disk space), news alerts, stock indexes, WinAmp graphs, etc.

Thanks to the fantastic resources offered by, we are happy announce our first formal release in over two years!

The v1.0 release offers the following enhancements over the 0.9 release: robustness was increased and support was added for PalmOS 2.0+, color, serial port configuration, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB on Linux. Graffiti can be used to send keys. More built-in help text. Hi-res and color icons. Many smaller additions include backlight control, error warnings, serial stats, and serial error stats.

Visit our site for further details:

Posted by Chris Lansley 2004-11-02

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