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New PalmDict 1.8 beta

Fixed many search issues with kana.
Chinese support should work better.
Better use 1.8 dictionaries.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-09-12

New PalmDict 1.8 beta

fixed bug with search on memory cards
extended CP932 and chinese (GBK) support

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-09-07

First 1.8 beta of Radicals

New graphem table, use of native fonts, better documentation, full CP932 support

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-08-13

1.7 stable released

Since no comments for more than two weeks recieved, I declare the version 1.7 as stable.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-07-05

New PalmDict and Radicals

Fixed serious problems with PalmOS versions between 5.0 and 5.2.x. Also fix for the wrong display in radicals for Kanji with Sjis codes between $xx80 and $xx9E.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-06-21

new 1.7 dictionaries (use only these!)

The old 1.7 dictionaries had some problems on word with certain character combinations and the index contained lots of superflous word, making search slow and yielded too much unwanted results. May have even caused crashes.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-06-17

Release of Version 1.7

Here is the release of the 1.7 beta. New is the high resolution support, umlaute/accent support even on japanese machines and japanese on western machines. Since the english dictionaries do not need umlaute, use the 1.6 versions.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2004-04-28