PalmBible+ 1.1 Released

PalmBible+ is a Bible reading program for Palm OS based on Poetry Poon's BibleReader project. This release of PalmBible+ adds several new features.

In addition, I've released a package of BibleConverter. This is unchanged from Poetry Poon's BibleConverter, and requires a Java2 JRE to run. The bibles page at includes more details on the use of BibleConverter.

New in 1.1
Highlights bookmarks on color devices
Graffiti Goto is more forgiving; ":" need not be written precisely.
Retains last location in each book (except Genesis in some cases)
Space and Backspace now do previous/next chapter
Copy verse and copy page functions
Bugfix: going to a new book now resets the Graffiti goto mode

In prior versions:
Clie HR support using FontHack123: see readme.clie
Bugfix: Up and down now works on non-Tungsten devices.
Bugfix: Config file no longer conflicts with BibleReader
Bugfix: Modified 5-way behavior
Bugfix: Hebrew/Greek wordwrap now works with 2-character operating systems

Hebrew and Greek forced to use single-character fonts allows the concurrent use of original languages with 2-byte systems such as Chinese
Choose Hebrew, Greek, or standard font for each Bible version.
Palm OS 5 support including bugfixes, hires fonts, font conversion utils, 5way support
Skin support for fonts
Load Bible from memory card
Hebrew written right-to-left
Goto Book/Chapter using Graffiti
Other Graffiti shortcuts
Improved book navigator

Posted by Yih-Chun Hu 2003-03-28

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