#8 Highlight Words Function for Lookup, Copy, etc.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to highlight an individual word from the text to work with. Being able to then look it up using a command-line dictionary would be ideal, but at least being able to copy the specific word(s) would a huge help in and of itself.

For example, Pleco Dict (most commonly used Chinese dictionary PDA software) can be pulled up with a command stroke on the Palm, and it will automatically lookup any word that is first highlighted. Right now, when one reads the Chinese Bible with PalmBible+, one has to select copy verse or screen, and then go into a seperate application and paste it before one can then highlight it to look it up in the Chinese dictionary software (at which point the PalmBible+ app is no longer pulled up, thus loosing having the English and Chinese versions in split screens, which is so invaluable).

If this command-line function isn't possible, at least being able to highlight a word and copy that specific word would be the next most helpful option, that way people could highlight and copy the specific word, then exit into a dicitonary (or pull up the command-line dictionary) and paste into it. Right now this can't be done when a whole verse or screen is copied at a time.

I sure hope someone can build this in as I am sure it would be very useful and helpful to those of us working bilingually.


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