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PRC available

I've made the PRC available too with the lastest version, so that you may try it even if you don't have the PRC-tools installed.

Posted by Olivier Gerardin 2001-08-03

First release of SMB Client for PalmOS (source only)

Release 20010727 is the first release of this project. It only contains source code, as there is not much useful for an end user yet.

What works:
-opening/closing the network connection (open, close)
-querying a server for shares (query)
-connecting to a share (workgroup, user, connect)
-listing directory content (dir)
-directory navigation (cd, pwd)

What doesn't work or has to be done:
-file transfer (get, put)
-winpopup message sending (msg)
-printing... read more

Posted by Olivier Gerardin 2001-07-27