ralpert - 2010-05-14

Thanks for working on this interesting project.  I've built a functional MPD back end, and I've got MPC front ends working on two remote boxes on my LAN.  As a finishing touch to the jukebox system, I'd like to have a wireless remote control  Palm-MPC looks like just the ticket.

I'm having trouble with the client configuration.  For reasons that I don't understand, I just can not get Palm-MPC to connect to my server through the Palm Cradle.  Right now I have the cradle plugged directly into the USB port of the PC that's running the MPD daemon on Centos 5.2.  I am able to hotsync the Palm T3 with the KPilot software that's running on KDE 3.5/Centos.  This means that the cradle connection is working.

For some reason I can't seem to get a connection to the MPD server using Palm-MPC running on my T3.  I keep getting a "could not link to @servername" error.  For the servername, I've tried using the linux box's hostname, its IP address, localhost, and  None of them work.

Any ideas?  I'm guessing its a PPP configuration issue, but I've spent 2 days beating on the box and no joy…