PocketPC version 3.0 available

The new version released at January 28 has been documented. See the updated documentation at http://palireader.sourceforge.net/ppc.html

Fixed bugs:
1. when user taps on a bookmark name and renames it, the new name was not remembered.
2. OK button in the right-top corner of the window was visible in the "select book" dialog. Tapping it caused the application to freeze.
3. CSCD formatting codes appear in the names of some texts in the "select book" dialog (Jataka atthakatha etc).

New features:
1. Main menu has been redesigned. A toolbar has been added to hold buttons for frequently-used commands.
2. It is now possible to search text in the currently open document.
3. The dictionary search facility now displays a message when there are no results.
4. After a new item is selected in the "book contents" dropdown, the focus is switched to HTML window, so you can scroll it immediately.
5. When you use the "open book" dialog to open a paragraph in the currently open book, it is just scrolled to this paragraph. The document is no longer reloaded in this case.
6. It is now possible to search for a sutta (vagga, section, paragraph etc) name in the "open book" window.
7. It is now possible to type in the Pali-specific characters.

Posted by pavelbure 2007-03-03

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