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Friday, August 18, 2006, 1:43:52 PM, you wrote:

LL> Did you try an upload to the sourceforge project space? i dont know
LL> how much websspace we got there, but that would be an option. Else,
LL> you could use the "File release" option on sourceforge and could
LL> upload it as a "complementary" library file ... i guess nobody will
LL> be able to make use of it (except me :-) before you release the software
itself. However, that way, i could access the files easily. Lets see.
For testing purposes, there is no need to do this since I finished the
converter. Sending it to you in a separate message. Now you can use the
converter to create the complete library.

I'll check the code...

I will upload the library together with PTR installation package, when it is
ready. I'm planning to package the library as WinRAR SFX archive, so the
user will be able extract it and see all the instructions on where to place

Thats fine for me.  The installation instructions you provided seemed quite obvious. I think its not too difficult to install.

LL>> .)horizontal scrollbar though text is in a narrow column (text
LL>> wrapping?)
LL> The horizontal scrolbar shows when the text cannot fit in a window.
LL> Text normally wraps line by line, but sometimes it cannot be wrapped
LL> like in case of a very long word (I like them :-). Just scroll down
LL> to find this nice word.

LL> I love them too :-) I didn't think of a compound messing with the
LL> display, but sure, that makes sense. Are compounds possible in
LL> Russian? German got lots of monster-words like that too - or at
LL> least, you could translate them into one German compound if you'd like
to :-)
We have compounds in Russian, howerver, they rarely consist of more than two
words. Larger compounds are common only in scientific literature. In
everyday speech we only use short well-established compounds.

The grammar of russian (ukranian etc) language has much in common with that
of Pali and Sanskrit. We have a number of words taken from these languages.

same applies for German. However, long compounds are possible to use, even in everyday language - however, influence of English terms and expressions creates a trend to use easier and simpler expressions/compounds/syntax.

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