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Hello Lennart,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006, 11:15:44 PM, you wrote:

LL> I tried your PaliTextReader version for PPC. It works! :-) I opened
LL> the Nidanakatha (visuddhimagga) and had no problems reading the
LL> text. Your installation instructions were straightforward. However,
LL> when i tried to translate a term i got an assertion error:

LL> PaliTextReader: File afx.inl,
LL> Line 179
LL> To ignore press 'X'
This may happen when you didn't select a word and pop up the context menu.
Tried this... Yes, this is a bug I fixed quickly. Sending you the updated


To translate a word you need to select it first with stylus. This is
important since for most of the time you will need to select only the root
of the word to find it in the dictionary. This is important for translating
word compounds as well.

...thats why i tried to make my dictionary look up recursively from the end of any given word until it finds a match in the dictionary, in case, someone looks for a compound or word with irregular suffix. However, sometimes, when the algorithm can't find anything proper, it will match with syllables like "na-" or "an-" and so it returns a wrong answer. Thats crying for a smarter algorithm, maybe one, that knows Pali morphology (like Snowball for German, English), kind of a stemmer... Also for automatically analysing compounds, which, if working one day, will be a nice feature, this kind of morphological engine needs to be implemented...

LL> Some ideas:
LL> .)For a first release, an installer would still be nice.
Yes, I know this. This is the reason I don't want to publish it all at once.
It will take some time to find out how an installer for the PocketPC can be
created. It should install the application and the font in the main memory,
but the library should be better installed to the storage card.

LL> .)Did you already map all books?
Yes. If you want, I can send you other books (24 megabytes total).

Did you try  an upload to the sourceforge project space? i dont know how much websspace we got there, but that would be an option. Else, you could use the "File release" option on sourceforge and could upload it as a "complementary" library file ... i guess nobody will be able to make use of it (except me :-) before you release the software itself. However, that way, i could access the files easily. Lets see.

LL> .)horizontal scrollbar though text is in a narrow column (text
LL> wrapping?)
The horizontal scrolbar shows when the text cannot fit in a window. Text
normally wraps line by line, but sometimes it cannot be wrapped like in case
of a very long word (I like them :-). Just scroll down to find this nice

I love them too :-) I didn't think of a compound messing with the display, but sure, that makes sense. Are compounds possible in Russian? German got lots of monster-words like that too - or at least, you could translate them into one German compound if you'd like to :-)