Dear Pavel,

I tried your PaliTextReader version for PPC. It works! :-)
I opened the Nidanakatha (visuddhimagga) and had no problems reading the text. Your installation instructions were straightforward.
However, when i tried to translate a term i got an assertion error:

PaliTextReader: File afx.inl,
Line 179
To ignore press 'X'

Some ideas:
.)For a first release, an installer would still be nice.
.)Did you already map all books?
.)horizontal scrollbar though text is in a narrow column (text wrapping?)



On 8/16/06, Lopin, Lennart <> wrote:
Hi Pavel,

Source checked in. Browsable:

Checkout like you do for palireader

You will find a subdirectory with your project called "Pali Reader PocketPC"

Feel free to update/checkin etc your sources. I added you to the developers
with read/write access to SVN

Best wishes,


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An: Lopin, Lennart
Betreff: PaliTextReader for PPC - source code

Hello Lennart,

this is my C++ code for initial checkin.

Best regards,
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