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Hello Lennart,

Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 12:02:28 AM, you wrote:

LL> as you wish - but its no trouble for me, to add you right away. It
LL> makes it easier for you to upload bugfixes in any case... If it's
LL> okay for you, i add you right now, it does not include any duty on
LL> your part.
OK. Add me. I am registered at sourceforge with username "pavelbure".


LL> What i will do tonight is prepare some submenu draft for you to fill
LL> with infos on your PC version. You can edit the site according to
LL> your needs. Thats another reason why its easier if i add you as
LL> developer to the project - so you can access the PTR'S webspace.
I'm going to begin this work after two conditions are met:
1. we successfully test the program on another pocket PC
2. I finish Pali Canon Converter.

fair enough. I will try installation on our device today.

LL> so you get an entirely different module and no interference between
LL> both code bases. If you are not so firm with SVN, i could do the
LL> initial check in for you...
Yes, please. I will send it to you in a separate message.

No problem. I 'll send you the  SVN URL for checkins/checkout once i uploaded the code.

LL> ..Which is understandably. The converter is a good idea. You could
LL> already make the installer start the converter and ask the user for
LL> his installed CSCD version. Then, the converter produces your Pali
LL> text package. In any case, i found out that lots of people want to
LL> download a "ready made" package. So, there is enough project space,
LL> we could always host a version which already comes with a
LL> pre-packaged pali text library for pocket pcs...
I thought that my converter could create the library for the desktop PC
application as well. I will try to implement this functionality.

LL> Ah! i knew them for a long time, but ignored fixing them for the
LL> time being. I was so happy that it did what it was intended to do -
LL> some previous decoder versions where so slow and clumsy - you didn't
LL> want to see those :-)
LL> I will check your AalekhDecoder and happily check it in!
I have commented some code in it. Make sure you uncomment it before

i did see that. I am using SVN tortoise, which has a very nice diff tool for viewing and editing  source code changes

As far as I see the Aalekh decoder is not used in the last vesrion of PTR.
Last versions use a HTML library, so there is no need for the decoder within
the application.

This is correct. Reason: I was time and again  thinking whether:

1.) i should prepackage the html directly -> faster load times, limited to just one format
2.) or whether i should include the aalekh binaries -> doing conversion "on the fly" which takes longer to load a single page but allows for variant output files to be generated (like RTF, XML, DOC, whatever).

Finally, (recent release) i decided, that most user, will not understand why each loading time of their pages takes so long. They will, in any case, copy pali text passages from the rendered page and paste them into whatever other document they need.

An alternative could be something like your converter: deliver or look for CSCD original aalekh decoded files. Do the conversion on the fly in the background either after installation or during installation.

What are your ideas about this matter?

As to the AalekhDecoder.cs Class, i think its position in the PaliReaderUtils Package is still apropriate, anything which might be of use for a number of other classes can access this "utility" package.

Ah, by the way, i have a number of classes, not checked in, which do "corpus related stuff" - conversion, html generation, index processing etc. Once i find some time, maybe after BETA release of PTR, i might check them in as a separate module like "pali canon corpus tools" - we will see :-)

I think it should be moved to a special project (like my converter) :-)

LL> Fortunatly, my wife has a PocketPC iPAQ - quite a new one. So she
LL> can be on of your testers and give you feedback...
I'm sending you the compiled version in a separate message.

got it.

PS. I have seen in the PTR source how user feedback is implemented. This is
poor design since the password to the mailbox novalis78@gmail.com is written
in clear text. Everyone can login to this mailbox and change the password! I
think this feature should be removed. It would be better to create a forum
where everyone could post their comments and feedback.

well, you caught me there... Its hardly used, so you might be right. Probably just showing the stack trace and pointing to sourceforge's or any other message board might do the job as well. I will change that. Thanks for the advice!

Best regards,
Pavel                            mailto: pavelbure@tochka.ru

yours in Dhamma,