Dear Pavel,

On 8/14/06, Lopin, Lennart <> wrote:

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Gesendet: Montag, 14. August 2006 17:38
An: Lopin, Lennart
Betreff: Re: AW: Pali Text Reader for Pocket PC

Hello Lennart,

Monday, August 14, 2006, 10:53:16 AM, you wrote:

LL> Dear Pavel,

LL> This single news is soooo cool! You really caught me by surprise.
LL> First, let me thank you for your effort! Let me offer you a few
LL> ideas, how we could "synergize" our efforts:

LL>         1.) If you like, i will add you to the list of Sourceforge
LL> developers for PTR
OK, but this should be done after publishing my code. Use my nickname

as you wish - but its no trouble for me, to add you right away. It makes it easier for you to upload bugfixes in any case... If it's okay for you, i add you right now, it does not include any duty on your part.

LL>         2.) If you like, i will give you access to the pali text
LL> reader's sourceforge - homepage: We could add some web pages to the
LL> current website telling about your Pocket PC version
This will be possible when my version is ready for distrubution. Currently I
don't even have an installer for it. Developers and testers should install
it manually by now.

What i will do tonight is prepare some submenu draft for you to fill with infos on your PC version. You can edit the site according to your needs. Thats another reason why its easier if i add you as developer to the project - so you can access the PTR'S webspace.

LL>         3.) If you don't mind, we could check in your version as a
LL> separate module into Pali Text Readers SVN repository
LL>         4.) If you don't like No 3.) you could start another SF
LL> project yourself (it probably depends on how much different the
LL> versions are. I am REALLY curious, how much you had to change,
LL> whether compiling it on the CE Framework was "easy" (especially the
LL> webcontrol component) and how long it takes to load.
What I did is not a port of Desktop Pali Text Reader to Pocket PC. The idea
was to make it possible to read tipitaka on the Pocket PC, integrate a
dictionary and the ability to bookmark pages. This was inspired by original
Pali text reader.

i see! Now it has always been one of the thoughts back in my mind to do something like you did. But i had no time, PTR desktop took enough time, even now, Beta is almost done but so much work still ahead not to think of (in my eyes) very necessary ports to MONO (for linux and macintosh). So i really appreciate your work.

The first version of my program was written in .NET compact framework, C#.
However, I couldn't integrate a dictionary because I couldn't find a way to
copy selected text from HTML control and to supply my own context menu for
it. :-((((((((

"Hacking" the IE webcontrol is like dancing with the dragon. I can fully understand you r problems there. Me facing hardships on the framework and you even trying to tame the compact edition. Okay, i think its a logical step to switch to C++ especially considering

1.) load up time
2.) probably your expertise and general resources

I know EVC++ quite a bit, did some development during university in the embedded world too.

This made me to rewrite the whole application in eMbedded Visual C++. In
this environment I succeded to integrate a dictionary and made lookups
pretty fast. :-)) eMbedded Visual C++ can be downloaded for free from
Microsoft website.

LL> In any case, we could upload a file release you got to sourceforge
LL> for others to download...
I think there should be ONE project. There is no need to create a new one.
We should unite our efforts. I always stand for it.

I agree.  We could share so many insights, features, ideas for future developments, usability, maybe bugfixes...

LL>         5.) As you might have seen, i am heavy underway for a first
LL> BETA release myself. Are you already working with the SVN sourcecode
LL> or is your version based on some "older" source code version?
I don't use SVN sourcecode since the application is now written in C++.

Even so, i would still encourage you to check in your c++ sourcecode as a separate module insight the Pali Text Reader project. If we separate both packages there is no problem uploading your C++ software to the repository. However, the advantages are:

safety (version control)
SVN is a very modern and intuitive version control with many available clients

Now, the PTRs structure is:

\svnroot\Pali Text Reader\Pali Reader Project

something like that. Your source could easily added like this:

\svnroot\Pali Text Reader Pocket PC\Pali Reader Project


so you get an entirely different module and no interference between both code bases.
If you are not so firm with SVN, i could do the initial check in for you...

To improve performance on the PocketPC I decided to create a special
"Pocket" version of Pali Canon Library that is split into smaller chapters.
I'm currently working on the converter that is a desktop PC application. It
should be able to create this "Pocket" library from CSCD files, so you don't
have to download it.

..Which is understandably. The converter is a good idea. You could already make the installer start the converter and ask the user for his installed CSCD version. Then, the converter produces your Pali text package. In any case, i found out that lots of people want to download a "ready made" package. So, there is enough project space, we could always host a version which already comes with a pre-packaged pali text library for pocket pcs...

This application is not yet complete, but while working of it I found some
bugs in AaalekhDecoder that is currently in the SVN. I send you my version
of AalekhDecoder.cs with whis message. I fixed some bugs and made it create
better HTML in some books like sutta nipata (see the enclosed sample).

Ah! i knew them for a long time, but ignored fixing them for the time being. I was so happy that it did what it was intended to do - some previous decoder versions where so slow and clumsy - you didn't want to see those :-)
 I will check your AalekhDecoder and happily check it in!

If it is OK to send you my C++ code, i will send it to you together with
compiled binaries. I want someone to test my program and see if it really
works and worth using. This person needs to have a pocket PC 2003 or higher.
I don't know whether my program works on older versions.

Fortunatly, my wife has a PocketPC iPAQ - quite a new one. So she can be on of your testers and give you feedback... 

Best regards,

Hope to hear soon from you and welcome to the crew!