I see. Well in #Develop it is possible to compile for each .NET version. A shame, that the expensive Visual Studio can't do the same.
Regarding the "playing around" with the code: take your time! We are not in a hurry :-)


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Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 07:46:00 +0700
From: Henry Jie <jie.henry@gmail.com>
To:  palireader-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Palireader-devel] Re: Palireader-devel digest, Vol 1 #4 - 1 msg

> To cut it short: I think that you can set the project options in visual
> studio for your compiler - just install the .NET 1.1 redistributable / SDK
> on your PC (it can run side by side with .NET 2.0) - then, you will be
> allowed to switch the compiler option to compiling a project for the .NET
> 1.1
Unfortunately this is not the case, there is no such setting.  The MSBee
(MSBuild Everett Environment /MSBuild extras) I refer to before is an
extension to allow this, but at this time it does not support generating
Interop assemblies.  .NET 1.1 SDK can run side by side with 2.0 SDK, but
VS 2005 does not support building for .NET 1.1.  My project is
approaching deadline, so I probably can't play with Pali Reader,
hopefully I can once it's deployed.

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