Dear Dhamma-friends,

We are happy to announce the Pali Text Reader's first BETA release (version

For a full list of added features/functionality see the accompanying change notes in the download section.

Thanks to all of you, who sent bug reports / hints  and help requests...

some (more prominent) new features include:

.) search: using boyer-moore algorithm for very fast (real time) search on tipitaka books
.) online and offline version: download entire canon bundled with software/download individual books on demand (work entirely online using…-> two downloadable PTR versions
.)commentary switching improved
.)text layout settings – editable via css from plugin (change background, font color, size)
.)little book/text icons in the book selector to show which item represents what kind of text
.)online/offline button – if online, texts are looked up on the web (, if offline, it reads from local folder

.)search and result dialog handling
    .) calculated number of all matching words found
    .) on selecting book – show words occurring
    .) group multiple entries
    .) sort book list
    .) on reopen show search/result window according to context

.)proper highlighting multiple worded search result
.)fullscreen menu entry and handling (maximize window, hide toolbar)
.)improved help file
.)on-the-fly word translation feature
.)improved statusbar (Buddhist date, ticker, book position, online/offline info)
.)various bugfixes and smaller improvements

What's next?

For those curious to know: The main upcoming features will include

.) a handy bookmark manager - to save, edit, export and share your favourite pali passages
.) an "info pane" with easy tree-view based navigation inside an opened book
.) proof-of-concept "on-the-fly" translation...
.) and many more :-)

!Anyone interested in helping to improve the Pali text reader is welcome to add our team!

with mettâ,

Lennart Lopin