Compile problems for both ODE and NovodeX

  • Daniel Liljeberg


    I downloaded PAL to use in conjunction with PhysX (NovodeX) and also downloaded ODE to give that a try to.
    But when I try to compile for either PhysX or ODE I get compilation errors.

    2>..\..\pal_i\ode_pal.cpp(181) : error C2664: 'dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple' : cannot convert parameter 4 from 'int *' to 'const dTriIndex *'

    2>..\..\pal_i\novodex_pal.cpp(1231) : error C2039: 'staticCollisionRestitution' : is not a member of 'NxFluidDesc'

    Am I prehaps using to new versions of the libraries? Downloaded latest PhysX drivers and SDK and ODE from svn.

    / inquam

    • Adrian Boeing

      Adrian Boeing - 2008-07-06

      PAL only supports releases of the physics engines (as they change far too much and too quickly for me to keep up otherwise), so you would have to try with ODE 0.9.

      PAL is compatible with the latest PhysX drivers, but you need to use the SVN code base, and not the CVS.

    • Daniel Liljeberg

      Hi... It is the svn repository I have checked out. Did an update just now though and saw a lot of new files. (Last checkout was on the day of posting here). So I will give it a try now and get back if there are still problems.


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