paida-3.2.1_2.10 released

PAIDA is pure Python scientific analysis package.
The main features are:

+ Pure Python!
++ Jython (Python in Java) OK!
+ AIDA (Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis) support
+ Creating/Plotting the histogram, ntuple, profile and cloud
+ Parameter optimization (parameter fitting)
++ you can constrain and/or fix parameters
++ parabolic and asymmetric error evaluation
++ various fitting methods are supported
+ XML based storing
+ Matrix calculation

PAIDA web site:

[3.2.1_2.10] (AIDA3.2.1_PAIDA2.10)

### Changes ###

- Changed the GUI engine selection option syntax from "-gui" to "--gui". [#1619652]
Then now supports the conventional GNU/POSIX syntax and you can use the optparse module with PAIDA.
python yourscript --gui=batch
python yourscript --gui bath

### New features ###

- Greatly improved speed and memory performance in reading AIDA XML data file. [#1577970] (Thanks to Jan.)
- Keyword arguments support in ITreeFactory.create(). [#1651112] (Thanks to Jan.)
- ITreeFactory(storeName='', storeType='xml', readOnly=False, createNew=True, options=None)
- 'hit' plotting format in histogram2D displays a box if the bin entry is not zero.
- New cold-to-hot color mapper in plotting. [#1515933] (Thanks to Andreas.)
- Now this color mapper is used by default in:
- 'bar', 'box', 'elliple' and 'hit' format in histogram2D
- 'scatterColorIndexed' format in cloud2D
- 'scatterColorIndexed' format in dataPointSet2D
- function2D
- profile2D
- histogram3D
- Support for Numpy/Scipy arrays as method argumens [#1646244]:
- ICloudxD.convert
- IDataPointSetFactory.createX
- IDataPointSetFactory.createY
- IDataPointSetFactory.createXY
- IDataPointSetFactory.createXYZ
- IFitData.createConnection
- IHistogramFactory.createHistogram1D
- IHistogramFactory.createHistogram2D
- IHistogramFactory.createHistogram3D
- IHistogramFactory.createProfile1D
- IHistogramFactory.createProfile2D
- ITupleFactory.create

### Bug fixes ###

- Improved compatibility with JAIDA's output file. [#1573428] (Thanks to Jan.)
- Histogram2D plotting in box or ellipse format with log scaling of z axis was not correct in some special cases.
- Plotting with Z-axis in log scaling showed incorrect tick line positions.
- IEvaluator didn't understand some math functions. [#1625206]

Posted by Koji Kishimoto 2013-04-09

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