paida-3.2.1_2.6 released

PAIDA is pure Python scientific analysis package and implements AIDA (Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis).
The main features are:

- Pure Python!
- Creating/Plotting the histogram, ntuple, profile and cloud
- Fitting parameter optimization with constraints and its parabolic and asymmetric error evaluation
- XML based storing

AIDA project has other implementations like Java (JAIDA), C++ etc. (Open Scientist and Anaphe).
For more information about AIDA, please refer to

[3.2.1_2.6] (AIDA3.2.1_PAIDA2.6)

### New features ###

- When overlay plotting, if the plotterStyle is not customized:
- auto re-scaling
- auto line coloring
- auto marker shaping
- auto legends
- Optimization of XML data file reading/writing.
- Support for both EPS and PS output:
- EPS: only single page but with paper size data
- PS: multiple pages but without paper size data
- Reconsidered statictics calculation.
- New module which makes it easy to create a complex ITuple.

Posted by Koji Kishimoto 2004-12-13

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