I've been trying to install and run paida, but I can't get any of the examples to run.  Every time I try, python freezes solid.  I have to kill the process to escape.
I've tried several programs from the documentation, but they all fail.  (I had some trouble downloading the first,
I believe I've traced the problem (or at least the first problem) to a specific line.  I've included below the simplest script I've found.  I've shown where I think things are falling apart.
I'm down to a short deadline for a data analysis problem, so I'd really appreciate some help.  Otherwise I'll be using gnuplot.  That's nice, but I think paida will be nicer.
from paida.paida_core import IAnalysisFactory
# Analysis factory.
af = IAnalysisFactory.create()
# Tree factory.
tf = af.createTreeFactory()
# Tree with zipped XML storing.
tree = tf.create("test.aida", 'xml', False, True, "compress=yes")   <<<<<<<<<< I think things hang here.
# Histogram factory.
hf = af.createHistogramFactory(tree)
# 1d histogram.
h1d = hf.createHistogram1D('test name', 'test title', 10, 0.0, 10.0)
## You can use Int in lower edge value etc.
## I think this is more Python-like.
## h1d = hf.createHistogram1D('test name', 'test title', 10, 0, 10)
# Filling.
## Off course you can write
## h1d.fill(2)
## h1d.fill(4)
# Check.
print 'Mean is 3.0? :', h1d.mean()
# Save all data.
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