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Pagecast 2.0.0 released!!

Finally, Pagecast 2.0.0 is out there. This is it, folks. Anyone still using 1.x should switch now. The distribution should be simplified; no more 'make install'. Just take a quick look at the included INSTALL file. People who want the full source should checkout from CVS.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-05-23

2.0 will feature a 'end user version'

Pagecast 2.0 will feature a special 'end-user version' already pre-configured for most Unix-like systems. The means no more "make install", just untar the archive and run it. People who want to hack on the source or build a .rpm, .deb or other kind of package will still want to check out the full sources from CVS.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-05-19

2.0 will feature a 'end user version'

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-05-19

LAST CALL for stable release!

Since there are no critical bugs reported on the last 2.0 beta (b3) I'll be releasing Pagecast 2.0.0 soon. So, this is your LAST CHANCE to complain about bugs or annoyances before the so-called 'final' release. So, please, download Pagecast 2.0beta3, try it out, and report bugs!

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-03-08

Pagecast 2.0 beta 3

I figured what the heck, and released 2.0 beta 3. Changes include german language file, makefile fixes, and now the default logfile is in the users home directory.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-02-27

Updated Debian package

I've released a debian package that fixes a lot of problems people were having with it. Please try this one out. Thanks!

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-02-27

Pagecast 2.0 Beta 2 released

Pagecast 2.0 beta 2 has been released. This release is hopefully much better than Beta 1. It includes a lot of changes; be sure to read the INSTALL document! Also included are a French language file and Debian package, along with many new servers and updated definitions.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-02-23

Pagecast makefiles galore

The CVS version of Pagecast has been updated with Makefiles. You must edit cf/Makefiles.def and run make install to be able to use Pagecast at the moment. I will be writing install targets for simple installation. The idea is that Makefiles make it easy to build .deb/.rpm packages. In the next week I will post at least a .deb package for Beta 2, which will also be out soon.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-02-05

I have made the URL active. (It is a copy of my page.) These two pages will be kept in sync and should be considered identical (use one if the other is down.)

Soon, several more server definitions will be checked into CVS. So if you're not updating from CVS yet, do it! Instructions are on the project page.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-01-25

Pagecast CVS repository active

Pagecast now has a public CVS repository. Currently it is anonymous read-only access with commit access availible for active developers. See's CVS help page for getting started instructions.

Several changes since the last 2.0 beta 1 release have been checked into CVS including documentation updates and improved handling of configuration files.

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-01-20

Pagecast 2.0 beta 1 released

Pagecast 2.0 beta 1 was released last night. Changes from the last alpha include full support for SMTP, updated server definitions, and many bug fixes.

The next release will be Beta 2, and will hopefully include autoconf/Make support and a user friendly front end.

All users are encouraged to try out the beta release and report bugs. If you have problems getting the beta release to work, try using the latest stable version (1.1.1).

Posted by Preston Landers 2000-01-18

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