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PageBox for Java 0.1.1

New Java version based on the design of PageBox for PHP and PageBox for .NET. This version further includes:
1. A more scalable deployment model described in the Grid API V2. You can find details about this model in the Deployment with relays section.
2. A delta deployment. Only the difference between the current version and the installed version is sent to the target PageBox.
3. An installation API allowing fully automated deployments and updates.
4. A better security model.
5. A token API allowing application instances deployed with PageBox to communicate with each others.
6. An active naming facility allowing finding the most appropriate instance among the application instances deployed with PageBox.

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2005-01-30

PageBox for .NET

PageBox is the creation of a framework for deployment of presentations and content adaptation on large sets of application servers.

PageBox for .NET is a .NET implementation of PageBox. It reuses the design of PageBox for PHP.
It is packaged in two archives:
- the Web site agent:
- the repository where subscribers subscribe and publishers publish:

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2002-03-11

PageBox for PHP

PageBox for PHP is a redesigned Pagebox written in PHP 4, simpler to install than the Java version.

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2002-03-07


Cuckoo is an XML authoring tool implemented in Word VBA. Cuckoo also includes a set of utilities to generate files suitable for HTML (static), ASP, JSP, PHP, Cocoon (XSP) and Resin (XTP) deployment.

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2001-12-19

Version 1.0.4 released

Version 1.0.4 is released.
It includes:
1. Mapper enhancement including a serializable cache
2. Support for component archive tested with SOAP 2.1
3. This support includes also Cocoon. Now you can deploy presentations in XML/XSL...
There is also a demo.
I updated the sourceforge site
but also the main site at with a fancy picture and new stuff.
In the coming days I will put the Cocoon SOAP demo online and create the first constellation.

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2001-04-08

help wanted

PageBox is about Presentation Hosting on J2EE Application Servers.

to understand exactly what it is and what is the goal.
I would need help for a couple of things:
1. For the integration of PageBox with Squid. The network part is interesting but simple. You need to know both Java and C.
2. For the support of ICAP. It access probably imply having access to an server issuing ICAP requests. You only need to know Java.
3. For a .Net version of PageBox. This version would be 100% new with normal project management.
4. I would like to create an experimental constellation of PageBoxes. Someone could publish a presentation. Then it would be deployed on all PageBoxes. For that I need that people install PageBox and subscribe to my repository (or even better create their own repository). If you have a Tomcat or a Resin on Internet please let me know.

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2001-03-24

Version 1.0.4

Scheduled for April 08.
I have yet to test it!
New features:
- enhanced Mapper
- support for component archives. It means that evem if your ASP doesn't support SOAP, you can however use it. You also can use a version of a product that your ASP doesn't support. You still
need a Application server such as Tomcat:-)
If I have time, I will create the first constellation, Ursa Minor and also a demo.
For more information, look at

Posted by alexis.grandemange 2001-03-24

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