#7 Sqlite/SpatilLite Support


On 9/1/2010 2:43 PM, Sampson, David wrote:

Hey Folks,
> The current use of Oracles DB flat file structure to store information
> is doing a fine job and is a solid choice since it is tried tested and
> true.
> One barrier to adoption though is the need to compile the specific
> version that may not ship with various versions of linux and if you
> are building on a Microsoft platform.
> I wonder if there might be agood argument or opportunity to
> incorporate the option to use SQLITE or SPATIALite. Dealing with data
> in a natively spatial db might help.
> Also, access and portability might be increased.
> I am wondering if many other people on this list have explored
> datastore like sqlite and if this functionality would benefit others.
> Cheers


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