Problem Installing Edict

  • dcsavino

    dcsavino - 2005-01-13

    Hi, I just bought a zire 72 and my quick install isn't recognizing the Edict download as a compatable file. Anyone know anything about this? Padict loaded fine, but the 20,000 some-odd wordsthat come with it just aren't enough.

    • Lars Grunewaldt

      Lars Grunewaldt - 2005-01-14

      that is very strange, I never heard of something like this.

      Have you extracted the zip file? You have to install the edict.pdb file, not the whole zip archive. Also, don't install any of the readme/text files.

      Of course I think you already know this and did it right, but I don't have any further ideas what might go wrong :(

    • Richard Durston

      Richard Durston - 2005-01-20

      I just installed the files on my Zire 72 also and when I launch the program it just reverts back to the previous screen.Did a soft reset. Nothing happens!? I installed; padict.prc, jstroke.pdb, jstroke_h.pdb, jstroke_k.pdb,  radkfile.pdb and edict.pdb.

      • Lars Grunewaldt

        Lars Grunewaldt - 2005-01-20

        thats very strange, maybe we have a zire72 incompatibility.

        Can you please report what exact system version (like 5.2.1 or something) is running on your device?

        please open a bug report for this problem :)

        best regards,

      • Benoit Cerrina

        Benoit Cerrina - 2005-01-20

        you need to install a font.
        However it should not just go back to the previous screen, you should have seen a message:

        "Failed to open font database (pkanjifnt.pdb)"
        Did you see this message?  If not there is another problem, but in any case it is not expected that the program works with the list of file you describe.

        If you have a hires machine (this is the case of the zire 72 you should also install the hires font (pkj32x32) finally if you want to have kanji definitions you want kjdef.pdb and for stroke order diagrams taka.pdb

    • Richard Durston

      Richard Durston - 2005-01-21

      Richard here- well I got it to function partially. I had to reinstall the same files three times. I am having trouble doing an English search. When I enter any word in english I get an error message that says 'nothing found' yet I have installed all the dictionaries. Is there another file I need? Thanks

      • Lars Grunewaldt

        Lars Grunewaldt - 2005-01-21

        no, you don't have to. It's all in the same database. I'm getting the feeling that PalmOne messed up another device :(

    • Jesse J. Bethel

      Jesse J. Bethel - 2005-01-27

        In your original message, you said that you needed more than the 20,000 words in the standard dictionary.  Does that mean you used the full database?  If so, was it the correct version?  I notice there is no full database version 0.3.2, so you would need to use 0.3.1.  I think I installed 0.3.0 by accident once, but that worked ok, too.
        The "full" database itself isn't truly full, so you might want to check out this discussion, where I explain how I created my own database.

      I'm using a Tungsten E and haven't had any problems.  If you continue having problems, I'd recommend installing everything straight out of the standard zip file (including taka, the standard database, the kanji database and all the fonts).  If that works, you can isolate the problem to the full database.

  • Katja Müller

    Katja Müller - 2009-10-21

    If anybody's got the same problem:

    I used v0.9.0 on my Palm TX device, dictionary read from my SD card and had this issue. The solution was to delete the standard PADict dictionary "pedict.pdb" from the Launcher directory. PADict only reads one dictionary at a time and will use the standard one if it can be found on the memory card without noting that larger ones are existent.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this great piece of software! :)


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