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39 G/R filter increments by 1 User Reported open 2013-11-23  
38 Go to [any module] croaks on other keyboards User Reported open 2013-11-23  
37 Different keysets for different modules User Reported open 2013-11-23  
34 Adjustment brush preset bug User Reported open 2013-09-04 bug  
31 OSC: Have a "shift key" to switch between slider up and down User Reported open 2013-04-10 features  
30 USe HID interception to map cheap numpads User Reported open 2013-04-10 features  
29 Support for Shuttlepro2 Working on it open 2013-04-09 features  
28 In VR GUI, add option to import keywords from LR, then import as commands User Reported open 2013-04-08 features  
26 Midi: Add ability to map zoom level to midi slider User Reported open 2013-04-07 features  
24 Update import/Export User Reported open 2013-03-31 feature  
17 Switch from Midi numbers to Names? User Reported open 2013-03-10 Midi, feature  
10 XKeys driver doesn't seem to work with old XkeysPro Fixed in published version accepted 2013-03-01 Bug, XKeys  
9 Have BCF preset selected when user opens sub panel User Reported open 2013-03-01 Midi, Improvement  
8 Voice commands with comma do not work User Reported open 2013-03-01 Bug  
7 Use Paddy to reset Behringer User Reported accepted 2013-03-01 Midi, Improvement  
2 Crop angle selection not working Cannot replicate open 2013-03-01 Bug  
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