#72 Storage of connection, script, and expect macro data


Hey there,

Bet you're glad that I'm not posting in bugs again ;)

Seriously though, and I just looked through the feature requests and it actually surprises me that this isn't listed already. At the very least there really *should* be an option to encrypt one's connection data since it is jsut XML cleartext and there can be passwords in there. For fairly obvious reasons the same applies to the expect interface. The scripts, well honestly they can handle their own encryption, so maybe my mentioning it in the subject was overkill, but then again it might grab someone's attention who is looking for that and remind them that they can do that part themselves. However, as for the first two, that would be a VERY welcome update. And just a suggestion maybe make it be a user supplied passphrase (every time accessed/unlocked at program startup, yes I know that things can be grabbed from memory, but the at rest encryption is a much more likely threat), and take that user supplied passphrase and run it through a hash mechanism that generates a nice and long hash. That way the hash isn't actually saved anywhere, nor the passphrase other than in it's ability to unlock the config file on startup of PAC.

Oh, and the comment in the changelog "Once again, more Cluster bug fixes... omg, 1 new feature, 1 million new bugs... :( *that's* me programming!!" Man! That just killed me, I SO understand and have been there many more times that I even care to consider or reflect upon.

Well, some thoughts here to improve the product in what is IMHO a very substantial way. If ya do, ya do, if not, the oh well, it's not a deal breaker for me, I keep a pretty tight system, but any layer I can add is also welcome.

Once yet again, thanks for an awesome product and your past responsive in regards to reported bugs. You rock man!


  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas

    Nice to hear from you, specially taking into account that this is just a "feature request"!!! XD
    Ok, let me see. By now, PAC already has an option to "ask for password" at PAC startup and/or PAC "restore from tray".
    On the other hand, PAC already encrypts (*cof cof* ;) it's "passwords" fields and "Hide" checked entry boxes, even those under the "Expect" tab.

    This is something I have been thinking since a long time ago (full encrypting PAC's config), but for one reason or another (or even me being sooooo lazy :P ), it just didn't happen.

    Don't give up! :) I'm still thinking in the best way to implement this, among other features, of course.

    Once again, nice to hear from you, man!! :)

    - David.

  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas

    • priority: 5 --> 1