GoingdownXX - 2013-09-30


New user for PAC Manacer here. I have small problem with rdesktop sessions
- when they are used as embedded to tab and PAC Manager is maximized, the
rdesktop screen resolution is always about 10 pixels too wide and tall, so
I got annoying scrollbars.

Also, If the PAC Manager is not maximized when starting rdesktop session,
it gets maximized automatically, but the rdesktop session resolution is
about the size of the non-maximized PAC window size. When I manually
unmaximize PAC, rdesktop resolution is too about 10 pixels too wide/tall.

Running on 64-bit opensuse, with Gnome 3.8. I will test shortly under
different Desktop/window manager

Any hints?

BTW, is it possible to use KeepassX with keyfile instead of / or in
addition to password?