Can only login as root

  • Frank Markgraf

    Frank Markgraf - 2014-01-17

    I have a problem opening ssh connections.

    Selecting the method 'Manual - do not auto-login' automatically logs me in as root using my private key. This is nice as long as root is the correct user.
    If my key does not match, then I'm prompted for root's password.
    Why is root selected by default?

    If the user matching my key is something else, I can login but I cannot enter commands.
    The behaviour is this:
    I select 'Private key', enter the path to the key file, the user and the passphrase.
    Then I start the connection. The connection succeeds, I am connected to the server, I see the server's login messages and get a command prompt. However pac does not see me connected. I cannot enter any commands, and the status remains 'DISCONNECTED'. After a while, pac will disconnect me again.

    If I run exactly the same same ssh command which is displayed in pac's status line from a terminal, then I am connected successfully. Somehow pac does not see me connected in this case.

    Another annoyance is that the entry field 'Private key file' is reset to (None) every time I enter the dialog again.

    Any advice appreciated.


    • Frank Markgraf

      Frank Markgraf - 2014-01-20

      Found the solution:
      PAC will use the user specified under Authentication - User/Password even if the radio button is unchecked.
      Whatever user is specified in that field will be used even if you select the option 'Manual'.


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