Ubuntu 12.04 / Unity / no Right Mouseclick

  • maclinuxfree

    maclinuxfree - 2012-04-10


    I´m trying the new Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity. Everything is working good exept of the right mouseclick in the terminal and in the whole application is NOT working.

    could you help me please.

    thank you

  • maclinuxfree

    maclinuxfree - 2012-04-10

    edit: the right mouseclick in only not working in the terminal…should i change the terminalemulation? but to what?

  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas


    I just tried PAC 4.0 (personal Release Candidate ;) on a Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on VirtualBox, and it worked flawlessly…

  • maclinuxfree

    maclinuxfree - 2012-04-12

    cool..where can I download it ?…or compile it myself…


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