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  • JBEC

    JBEC - 2014-03-25

    hi David ,
    first let me thank you about thid G R E A T app ...

    i have only one problem ... usually when i use UP \ Down arrow keys i get the last command typed from the last one typed to the first ... on PAC this dont work ....

    can you please guide how to fix this ?

    thanks ,


  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas


    First of all, thanks to you for trying PAC! :)

    I do also use those UP/DOWN arrow keys to navigate through previous executed commands, and I have never had such a problem.

    Does it happens to all of your connections?
    Have you tried changing PAC's terminal type for such connections to other? (edit a connection and go to Terminal Options -> check "Use these personal options" -> change "Term emulation" from "xterm" to, for example, "vt100".
    Have you tried using other shells on your servers? (bash/ksh/zsh/...) and/or other "set - <mode>" modes? (set -o vi or set -o emacs, or any other)

    • David.
  • JBEC

    JBEC - 2014-03-25

    hi again :)

    i connect to Network devices such as switches and FW's .
    the only way this option works is on local shell ...

    i changed to vt100 with no success and also try putty ... none of this solved the problem .

    i am connecting to Juniper devices so i cant change the shell ....

    your app is great and it will be super if you can find answer to this problem ..

    i also verified with team mate that this is happens on his PAC also with Juniper devices .

    thanks and besr regards ,


  • JBEC

    JBEC - 2014-03-25

    hey ,

    i just verified that this problem only happens with Juniper devices ....

    please help

  • JBEC

    JBEC - 2014-03-25

    hi again ,

    i found that ctrl+p - scroll backward through the executed commands
    and crtl + n scroll forward ...

    if you could use this info it will be grerat !!!

    thanks anyway for responding and for the greatest terminal program for linux EVER!!!


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