Duplicating Quick Connections

  • Reynaldo0

    Reynaldo0 - 2014-01-06


    I am not sure if this is a bug on my side or if this is a behavior by design.
    I usually have to open several SSH connections to different servers and that changes on a daily basis.
    Because these are servers that I have to connect to perhaps once every 1-2 months, there is no sense to create and save the connection and for that reason I just use Quick Connect.

    The problem is that whenever more than one Quick Connect exists, it overwrites the details of the previous one so if a connection is lost and I reconnect, it uses the credentials of the last Quick Connect created.

    For example, lets say I create 10 Quick Connections and connection #3 breaks and I have to reconnect. When I hit ENTER or hit reconnect, #3 won't reconnect with the credentials it was created but with the details for the last connection (in this example, #10).

    This is very annoying when handling multiple connections. I have tried to find out if there is a switch or something that would make PAC treat each connection as a separate entity but I haven't had any luck. I can see that all Quick Connects share the same UUID and maybe that is the reason.
    I have tried to change the UUID before opening the connection but it can't be changed.

    Is there some way to force PAC Manager to treat each Quick Connection individually and keep a separate file/info for each one?

  • Reynaldo0

    Reynaldo0 - 2014-01-27



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