Pac does not play nice with editing apps

  • gman84

    gman84 - 2013-03-15

    Hi All,
               Centos 6.3 64bit , pac version: pac-

    Whenever I SSH into a terminal, and try and edit a file with vim, vi or nano, the shell becomes corrupt and I cannot edit anything. Apart from that other commands work fine…..

    any ideas?


  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas


    It's not PAC itself, but Gnome2::Vte library
    Please, try changing the terminal emulation on a terminal, and try again:

    Goto  "Edit connection" -> "Terminal Options" -> check "Use these personal options" -> change "Term emulation" from "xterm" to any other value, like "vt100", "ansi", or any other you may think working.

    Save and try.

    Please, let me know the results.
    - David.

  • gman84

    gman84 - 2013-03-15

    hmmmmmm perhaps I am not passing environment variables which are needed….

  • gman84

    gman84 - 2013-03-15

    Hi thanks for your reply, I had a feeling it was terminal emulation and realised I did not have xterm on the remote host (because the remote host is installed without X) I installed xterm and things are looking better! :)

    Oh thanks again for developing this awesome software!

  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas

    Thanks to you for trying PAC and for your patience! :)

    - David.

  • gman84

    gman84 - 2013-03-15

    Results: I got excited too soon! :(

    Ok this centos system does not have X installed and I will not be installing X on it:

    Ok so I had no real terminal emulators installed so I installed the ones below on the remote host:

    vt100:  made it worse.
    ansi:   print weird squares in the console
    xterm: when installed on the remote host improved it 1 in every 3 goes it works
    rxvt : same result :(
    vte : not looking good
    gnome-terminal : weird squares
    putty : weird squares and patterns

    FYI this shouldn't make a difference but it's a Virtual Host via KVM.

    anymore ideas…?


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