Missing send button

  • Grzegorz Szczytowski


    I have missing sent button. Should i enter any data to popup this button ?

    Best regards,

    • clotho ccs

      clotho ccs - 2007-11-01

      First, check the location of buttons icon directory(which name is pixmaps) is same as packETH.
      Second, make sure you have chose an interface for sending data.
      Last, check your data that you type into packETH.

      Best regards,


    • Grzegorz Szczytowski


      1.Pixmaps file and file's content check
      2.Eth0 has been used each and every time
      3. I'm trying to send simple ARP request

      Please check following dialog:
      pumex@pumex:~$ cat arp

      Any idea what's wrong ?


    • clotho ccs

      clotho ccs - 2007-11-02


      Due to I don't know what different between your OS environment and mine.
      So I will show the procedure of sending your arp packet by packETH 1.4.1 on my Ubuntu 7.10.

      1. Launch Wireshark for capture packets
      2. Launch packETH 1.4.1
         xxx@xxx:~/packETH-1.4.1$ sudo ./packETH
         [sudo] password for xxxx
      3. Load your arp packet pattern and select an interface
         Please refer the figure link of the screen shot
      4. Capture screen shot

      Hope this procedure can help you.

      Best regards,


    • Miha Jemec

      Miha Jemec - 2007-11-02


      The Send button must be always present, regaredless of any other settings.

      I remember that someone already had this type of problem on certain Linux distribution. It doesn't happen at the distros I use, but could be that you have the same problem.

      If I remember well (it was solved via the email, that's wha I can't find the exact answer), you can solve this problem by opening the interface.c file and then find following line:

      gtk_widget_set_size_request (toolbar1, 550, -1);

      increase the number 550 to some higher value, try with 600 f.e., and then just recompile the whole thing using the make command.

      This change will enlarge the toolbar widget, what can be the cause for your problem.

      Plaese let us now, if this will work and which distribution you use?

      Regards; Miha

    • Grzegorz Szczytowski


      gtk_widget_set_size_request (toolbar1, 600, -1); helps to show sent button on Debian lenny/sid

      THX Miha

      Best regards,


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