My name is Mesut. I am a Msc student from İzmir, Turkey. I am working on an Android application for autoconfiguration. This is the first time I am accepted in GSoC.

- Are your semesters over or are you right in your exams?

My semestre will be over at 25th May. My first exams are so good.

- Do you have PacketFence installed? Any questions regarding the setup?

I am using Packetfence Zen. I successfully installed and started using. I am trying to use Packetfence radius for authenticator and set up a 802.1x network.

- Have you checked out the source code from the git repository and
started looking at it?

I have read all PacketFence documentation (Setup, Administration and Developer guides). I checked out the repo.

Best regards,
Mesut Can Gürle